The Best Takeaway Options If You Want to Be as Healthy as Possible

While it’s obvious that the healthiest option is usually to just cook your own food at home, this isn’t always the reality. For people who have a busy schedule or often find themselves on the go, eating out is sometimes inevitable. But when you have health goals in mind, it can be hard to know which foods you can pick up while out and about. 

Just because it’s hard, however, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. In fact, knowing what to avoid and what to look for on takeaway menus can help you learn which options might be conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Learning how to stay healthy even when you’re in a pinch is important for staying on track. One meal isn’t going to make or break you, but if you find yourself buying lunch in food courts on a regular basis— small differences can have a huge impact over time.

Keep reading to find out the best and worst takeaway options. In no time at all, you’ll be making healthy choices even when you need to eat in a hurry. 

The Least Healthy Takeaway Options

— Pad Thai: Though pad thai might seem like a pretty healthy option, it is one of the least healthy takeaways you could choose. Not only is high-calorie, but it’s also packed with sugar and salt.

— Battered Fish and Chips: There are many health benefits to eating fish, but a classic fish and chips meal is full of fat and salt. Instead, opt for grilled fish and a salad, or see if you can swap half your chips for greens.

— Tikka Masala: Though it might be delicious tikka masala full of fat and salt, without much nutritional value. Add naan and rice, and it can quickly rack up the calories. Instead, choose curries with tomato-based sauces and try to get one that also contains veggies.

— Fried Chicken Sandwich: It might be easy to eat in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Deep-fried chicken is high in fat, cholesterol and sodium. 

The Healthiest Takeaway Options

— Sushi and sashimi: avoid tempura options or options covered in mayo or sugary teriyaki.

— Stir fry: Order it with extra veggies. Choose a grilled protein or fresh tofu and you’ve got a nutritious lunch ahead.

— Garden Salad: Most burger and sandwich shops offer a garden salad, which can be a great takeaway option either with or without grilled chicken added. Just make sure to get yours without dressing, or opt for plain olive oil and vinegar. Pre-made dressings usually contain excess fat, salt, and sugar without providing any additional nutrients.

— Naked Burrito: A burrito without the tortilla can be a pretty healthy option if you choose the right add-ins. Fill your bowl with brown rice and black beans before adding extra veggies. Be careful if you add cheese and sour cream, as these additions can quickly derail your healthy bowl. 

There’s nothing wrong with eating takeaway every now and then, but do it on a regular basis and you’ll start to notice the effects. Making sure you have some healthy options in mind before you run on your lunch break will help you choose better options and keep your healthy habits going during the hectic workweek. 

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