Monday Haircare — The $10 Shampoo and Conditioner Shoppers Can’t Get Enough Of


Beauty lovers are flocking to Coles to purchase a new haircare range called Monday.

The shampoo and conditioner line is bottled in chic, millennial pink packaging and promises salon-quality haircare at an affordable price.

The range is exclusively sold at Coles in Australia and includes a number of different shampoos and conditioners, including products for damaged and stressed hair, thin and lifeless hair and irritated and dry scalp.

New Zealand entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast Jaimee Lupton created the line with the intention of offering high-quality products that were affordable.

“My girlfriends and I would always say we wanted good products but didn’t want to spend all our money on them,” Lupton told The Beauty Diary.

“Beauty shouldn’t be expensive — it should work without breaking the bank.”


The Monday products are SLS and paraben-free, are filled with natural active ingredients and all bottles are made with recycled plastic and contain no plastic labelling.

The line is also cruelty-free and a 350ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner only costs $10, so it’s definitely budget-friendly. An 800ml bottle costs $20.

The product line has been selling out at many Coles stores and fans on social media say they’ve travelled from store to store to find the range.

“Best purchase ever, my hair has never felt so soft and light and looked so healthy,” wrote one Monday fan on Instagram.

“It totally lives up to the hype – its amazzzzzing!” wrote another.


Kristin Fisher, of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, also counts herself a fan of the range.

“I’ve been using it for a few months now and was lucky enough to be working with the brand throughout the production phase,” Fisher told The Beauty Diary.

“I was hooked from day one. The shampoo is bloody amazing and it’s also SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), paraben and cruelty-free.”

The range has only been in Coles stores for four weeks but is already a massive success!

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