This Machine Washable Rug Saved My Clumsy Fiance’s Life

machine washable rug miss amara review

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There’s an unparalleled sense of comfort when unrolling a fresh rug, especially when it’s placed in my recently acquired dream home—the very first one I’ve ever purchased. Needless to say, I’m overflowing with delight. With my toes embraced by the heavenly softness of my new Miss Amara rug, undoubtedly the most luxurious one I’ve ever had the pleasure of pampering my feet with, I settled down on the floor and gazed around my newfound abode.

Everything is finally falling into place. Unfortunately, this serene moment was short-lived.

My loveable yet clumsy fiancé spilled marinara sauce on my soft white rug. You might be wondering why he was eating on the rug. Our dining table was being used for storage, as were the bedrooms and most corners of the apartment (if I’m honest), so I thought we could dine on the floor. That was my first mistake. His previous record of food spillages on shirts should have been an indicator of how the night was going to go, but if you’ve ever moved, you know how exhausting it is. It slipped my mind.

machine washable rug miss amara review
Image: Natasha Bazika

Not even five minutes into piercing a fork into a bowl of packet ravioli, the inevitable happened. He dropped a big, saucy piece of ravioli on the carpet. In the moment, I could have killed him for ruining my rug, but for legal reasons, this is just an exaggeration. I could never kill him for that. Suffice it to say I was devastated. “This is why we can’t have nice things,” I said to him.

In a panic, he sprung up, fetched a cloth and some warm soapy water from the kitchen and dabbed the spot repeatedly. The stain was lifting, but his patience wore thin, and he started rubbing it. If you know anything about cleaning carpets and rugs, it’s that you don’t rub the stain. Ever. The stain spread, it seeped into the fibres, and all was seemingly lost with my cosy new rug. Then I remembered, it’s machine washable.

These machine-washable rugs are designed with materials and construction techniques that allow them to withstand machine washing without losing their quality or appearance. Depending on the size of the rug, you can wash it in your standard home washing machine, or the bigger rugs can be taken to a dry cleaner as they have large capacity washers. Before you ask, washing your Miss Amara rug is not going to compromise its softness.

machine washable rug miss amara review
Image: Natasha Bazika

I own a rug from the tumblelux collection, known for its resilient fibres that can withstand everyday challenges. Most spills and stains can be easily addressed with a simple spot clean using warm soapy water. Despite having it for two months, my rug has already endured heavy foot traffic, numerous food spills, crumbs, and even muddy boots. Remarkably, it has remained in pristine condition, maintaining its brand-new appearance and contributing to the cosy and fresh atmosphere of my home since the day I first unpacked it.

If you’re thinking about whether a machine-washable rug is worth it, take it from me. My fiancé has a lot to be thankful for, and a rug that can withstand his spills should be top of the list. Miss Amara has recently launched washable weave rugs, and you can bet I’ll be browsing the range of stain-resistant rugs. I’m in search of a runner for the hallway, a heavy foot traffic area in all homes.

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