This Beauty App Has Launched a Marketplace Where You Can Find Black-Owned Beauty Brands


Launched in 2019, Mira is like a search engine for all things beauty related. The app aggregates relevant beauty product pages, reviews, videos and images from the Internet, without making you scroll through pages and pages to find the good stuff. It’s literally all in one place inside the app.

Mira users can also get advice from other consumers, do side-by-side comparisons and purchase products for the best price possible. The app also uses facial recognition technology to match products to your skin type, tone and face shape. If you’re a beauty enthusiast, it’s most definitely worth checking out.

The team behind Mira have now added a marketplace that brings together Black-owned beauty brands — which was severely lacking up until recently, as per Fashion Journal.

To access this, you simply have to type ‘#Blackowned’ into the search bar on the app and you’ll be given a plethora of Black-owned products. From here, you can separate the products into what you’re looking for, i.e. makeup, skincare, haircare etc.

According to Fashion Journal, the hope is that these products will also soon be blended into other categories like vegan, cruelty-free and sustainability on the app.

There is currently over 400 Black-owned brands on Mira and the team are asking for app users to submit any brands they might have missed.

Mira is free to download and is currently only available on iPhones. To download, head to the Apple App Store.

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