Exactly Where You Can Buy a Mini Stepper Machine Like Elle Ferguson’s

If you haven’t seen a mini stepper before, it’s a pretty self-explanatory piece of equipment. With two independent pedals that move up and down, the device allows you to engage in a repetitive motion of stepping and provides an aerobic workout that can help improve your cardiovascular health as well as your endurance.

Recently, Australian influencer and entrepreneur, Elle Ferguson, invested in a mini stepper machine in order to mix up her workout routine, which according to Ferguson’s Instagram, also includes daily running and Pilates workouts. With this purchase, Ferguson created the ‘Stepper Challenge’, which includes one hour of using the stepper machine, interspersed with one minute of planking after every 500 steps.

Ferguson, who spent much of 2020 working on her health and fitness, averages over 2,500 steps during her ‘Stepper Challenge’ and is inspiring others to get involved via Instagram Stories. While these devices might be small, they offer an easy way to supplement your exercise routine and tone and strengthen your lower body.

If you’ve been keen to see what the fuss is all about, we’ve rounded up a few mini stepper machines you can get your hands on right now.

Fortis Mini Stepper Exercise Machine, $69.99 at Kogan

This is the exact device Ferguson uses and it can be purchased from Kogan. While the original price of this device was $189.99, it’s currently on sale for $69.99 making it the perfect time to snap it up.

Image: Kogan

Pneumatic Stepper, $45 at Kmart

Good old Kmart also has its own version of the mini stepper for a very affordable $45. This device offers adjustable resistance as well as removable resistance straps and a step counter.

Image: Kmart

Swing Stepper, $49.99 at ALDI

ALDI is also offering a Swing Stepper in its upcoming Special Buys catalogue. Costing $49.99, this device includes a time and step counter that allows you to track your progress as well as two adjustable rubber bands with handles for you to hold while working out. ALDI’s Swing Stepper goes on sale in-stores on Saturday, January 30 so best to get in quick on this day!

Image: ALDI

York Fitness Mini Stepper, $69 at Big W

Big W also has the goods in the form of this hydraulic stepper by York Fitness. For $69, this stepper has large stable foot pedals as well as LCD displays including time, step count and scan. Unlike the other devices, this stepper comes without straps — something to note when weighing up your options.

Image: Big W

Domyos 120 Stepper, $119 at Decathlon

If you’re after something a little more stable, the Domyos 120 Stepper sold at Decathlon is your best bet. The device is constructed from `100% steel, making it super durable, while the handlebar in the middle gives you something to hang on to during your workout.

Image: Decathalon

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