Breaking Down the Rules of ‘Million Dollar Island’

Breaking down the Million Dollar Island rules.

Million Dollar Island is the new competition reality series sweeping Australia by storm. With so many contestants, so many twists and so much going on, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re feeling confused by the whole thing — there’s a lot to keep track of. We’re here to help explain the Million Dollar Island rules. Let’s unpack exactly how this game works.

The Aim of the Game

Million Dollar Island puts 100 contestants on a remote desert island, each wearing a bracelet signifying $10,000. There’s a million dollar prize pool up for grabs, and the aim of the game is to obtain as many bracelets as you can, in order to secure your cut of the prize.

There are several ways that players can obtain more bracelets, so let’s get into it.

The Wheel Spin: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Million Dollar Island rules explained: The wheel spin.

Each contestant in the game has a number, and in each episode, there is a wheel spin. Essentially, this is a game of roulette, and if your number comes up, you are the chosen one.

There are pros and cons to this. On the one hand, you get to leave camp and spend the night sleeping in a makeshift bed rather than on the ground. You’re also fed a decent meal, and you get to take a shower, which is true luxury under the circumstances!

On the other, you have to choose which six contestants you’re going to nominate for the next arena challenge.

Million Dollar Island rules explained: Being nominated for arena challenges.

The person chosen by the wheel spin selects six players from the board to partake in the next arena challenge.

This is where the strategy comes in.

As the competition goes on and we say goodbye to players, there will be fewer people to choose from — do you nominate yourself early and hope to win big? Do you nominate your allies, the people you want to see win? Or, do you nominate people you’re hoping to eliminate from the competition? There’s a lot to consider!

Arena Challenges: High Risk, High Reward

Million Dollar Island rules explained: arena challenges

If you’re nominated for a challenge, you have the opportunity to advance your position in the game. You’re also at risk of being eliminated from the competition.

When you enter the challenge, you’re forced to put your bracelet(s) in a bowl, and just like the ABBA song, the winner takes (them) all. The more bracelets you have, the better.

If you lose the challenge, though, you’re at risk of elimination, because your bracelet is your life in the game.

Survival Challenges: The Chance to Win Your Bracelet Back

After an arena challenge, a player may have an opportunity to win their bracelet back from the winner of the challenge. These survival challenges are a chance at just that — their survival in the game.

The person who wins the second chance challenge will have their bracelet returned to them, and they’ll be safe from elimination that night once again.

Avoiding Elimination After a Challenge Loss

If a player finds themselves without a bracelet, it’s time to scramble. This is where the social game comes into play.

On Million Dollar Island, there are plenty of people who are ready to call it a day and head home. If a player finds themselves without a bracelet, it’s time to beg the other players to give up their bracelet and allow them another day in the game.

What Happens If a Player Quits Million Dollar Island?

If a player has had enough of the lack of food, the challenges, the social tensions and tough conditions, they have the option to quit the competition and head on home.

Each night, host Ant Middleton will ask if anyone wants to quit the game. Those who do raise their hand, bringing their time in the game to an end. However, all the money stays on the island, so no one is leaving with a $10,000 souvenir of their adventure.

Rather, each player decides who they’ll give their bracelet to, and it can be anyone in the game. Whether they choose to save someone who’s up for elimination or someone they’ve bonded with during their time together is entirely up to them.

The same thing goes for medical evacuations — if someone has to leave the island due to illness or injury, they get to choose who their bracelet goes to.

How to Win Immunity on Million Dollar Island

Million Dollar Island rules explained: how to win immunity

Immunity on Million Dollar Island means being the richest person on the island. The person who has the most bracelets cannot be nominated for challenges, which means they can’t be at risk of elimination.

However, it also means that they won’t have the opportunity to compete in challenges and win more bracelets, at least until someone overtakes them as the richest person on the island.

Million Dollar Island Eliminations

Contestants without bracelets are eliminated from the competition. If a person loses an arena challenge, a second chance challenge, and is unable to convince anyone to give up one of their bracelets, their time on Million Dollar Island will come to an end.

Rock Camp’s Tribe Wipe Out Explained

The fourth episode of Million Dollar Island saw the total elimination of Rock Camp, with the exception of Tess McKenna, who emerged victorious from the survival challenge.

At the end of Episode 3, the wheel spin gave Brett Krause the power to send two camps into a camp-vs-camp arena challenge. He nominated Log and Rock Camps, and Log Camp emerged victorious.

Then, the members of Rock Camp went head-to-head in an epic battle for survival. In the challenge, they had to catch as many fish as possible. The person with the bucket that weighed the most would be saved from elimination.

As the challenge went on, many players realised that there was no way they would win, and once again, social bonds became a major factor in the game. Many players chose to bow out of the challenge and instead offered the fish they’d caught up to the player they wanted to save the most. In the end, Tess ended up with the biggest haul, which left her as the sole remaining member of Rock Camp.

At the elimination that night, four other contestants quit the game, but Ant made it clear that they could not choose to save anyone from Rock Camp. Rather, their bracelets had to be given to players who were still in the game.

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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