What Happened on the Final ‘Million Dollar Island’ Episode? Let’s Get into the Deets

All good and bad things must come to an end. Every December sunset fades. All arguments about shopping lists end with explosions or whimpers. Even Seven’s Million Dollar Island had its finale. 

That’s right, Million Dollar Island has come to a close. This series premiered on 12 June with 100 contestants. Meanwhile, the finale happened on 15 July.

So, with this in mind, what happened on the Million Dollar Island finale? Who stomped the competition? How much money did they win? How did this person react? Here’s the info we know.

The Million Dollar Island Finale

Million Dollar Island‘s final aired on Tuesday, July 25. It started at its classic 7.30pm slot on Channel 7.

In the final Million Dollar Island episode, Jordan, Brett, and Chelsea were the only contestants left. They were then presented with 100 boxes. Most of these boxes contained $10,000. However, three of them contained a $100,000 penalty.

Jordan, Brett, and Chelsea were asked to select some of these boxes. They could quit early or push their chances. However, if they opened up a $100,000 penalty box, their game would then conclude.

Who Won the Million Dollar Island Finale?

Jordan won $70,000, and Brett won $10,000. However, the person who walked away with the most cash was Chelsea. At the end of this game, she had $110,000.

“I’ve never even come close to having $110,000 in my bank account,” exclaimed Chelsea. “I’m happy, I’m stoked.”

If you want relive the Million Dollar Island finale, it’s currently streaming on 7Plus.

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