‘The Million Dollar Island’ Finale Just Dropped — Here’s Who Won the Series

It happened. The Million Dollar Island finale was last night. Who would have thought that 100 contestants, one island, and a million dollars would lead to such a conclusion. But who was the Million Dollar Island winner this year? Here’s everything you need to know.

Million Dollar Island’s 2023 Winners

In the finale, only Jordan, Brett, and Chelsea were left. Jordan had collected 27 bracelets, Brett had collected 31 bracelets, and Chelsea had collected 42 bracelets. Each of these bracelets symbolised $10,000.

These three contestants were then presented with 100 boxes. In 97 of these boxes was a $10,000 bracelet. 

However, in three of these boxes was a bomb. An explosive that would kill them. Just kidding. But there were three metaphorical bombs in three of these 100 cases. These bombs could blow up $100,000 worth of one’s prize money. 

What followed was a buckwild game of chance. Jordan, Brett, and Chelsea all traded in their bracelets, except one, to participate in this game. For each bracelet they traded in, they could open a box. And the drama couldn’t get higher.

Million Dollar Island’s Jordan

Up first was Jordan. He decided to play it safe and only opened six boxes. Overall, Jordan won $70,000, inclusive of his guaranteed $10,000 bonus. 

Million Dollar Island’s Brett

Jordan was followed by Brett. Unfortunately, the 13th box that Brett opened was a bomb. However, Million Dollar Island allowed him to keep $10,000. Which is a whack better than nothing.

Million Dollar Island’s Winner: Chelsea

The last person to play this game was Chelsea. This icon was able to open 10 cases and wasn’t smashed by an explosion. This meant that Chelsea won an additional $100,000.

At the end of Million Dollar Island, Chelsea was the winner of winners. She had won a whopping $110,000. Naturally, this news made her delighted.

“I’ve never even come close to having $110,000 in my bank account,” said Chelsea. “I’m happy, I’m stoked.”

“You work so hard to survive the conditions, smash the challenges, end up with all the friends that I’ve met here. It’s just the best feeling.”

According to Chelsea, she will spend her Million Dollar Island winnings on purchasing a house, treating her mother to a vacation, and financially helping her brother. What a *chef’s kiss* end to this story.

If you want binge the Million Dollar Island finale, it’s currently streaming on 7Plus.

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