Tess Is a Mum of Six Who’s Ready to Take on ‘Million Dollar Island’

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Tess

Million Dollar Island is Channel 7’s latest reality TV offering, and one week in, it’s already a wild ride. We’ve had players eliminated, players quit, and two medical evacuations, and things are only just getting started. If you thought Survivor was intense, Million Dollar Island is here to amp things up. Hosted by Ant Middleton, the show began with 100 contestants, and now, we’re ready to get to know the key players who make up the Million Dollar Island cast.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Tess McKenna

Tess McKenna is a 28-year-old super-mum from Western Australia. With six children in her blended family — including energetic two-year-old twins — Tess is a force to be reckoned with.

Although her busy schedule has temporarily paused her pursuits in singing and teaching classical violin, Tess continues to excel in various aspects of her life. Alongside caring for her large family, she works as a dedicated personal trainer and Auslan interpreter.

Tess’s commitment to health and fitness is unwavering. She prioritises her well-being by incorporating yoga and training sessions into her weekly routine. As a vegetarian, she not only takes care of her physical health but also passionately advocates for mental health.

Tess’ Life Outside the Show

One look at Tess’ Instagram will give you a glimpse at how much the mum cherishes time spent with her family and loved ones.


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Her feed is packed with happy family snaps, romantic date nights, and the occasional selfie, of course!


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Tess’ Million Dollar Dreams

Resilient, generous, and always up for an adventure, Tess occasionally battles with self-doubt — who doesn’t?! Still, she remains determined to overcome any challenges that come her way as she takes on this new challenge.

More than anything, Tess excited to push herself, and to make her family proud when they watch her journey on Million Dollar Island.

Should Tess emerge victorious, she has a heartfelt plan for her winnings. Her top priority is to provide her family with a home — a place they can call their own, filled with love and cherished memories.

Will Tess’ dreams come true? Only time will tell.

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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