Will Olivia Triple Jump Her Way Into Winning ‘Million Dollar Island’s’ Grand Prize?

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Olivia

As the Million Dollar Island weeks fade, the stakes get higher and higher. This is because a tonne of folks are getting eliminated due to challenges, and others are quitting early. However, one person who’s still in the Million Dollar Island dream is Olivia Goder.

But does Olivia Goder have what it takes to win Million Dollar Island? Or will she be next on the elimination board? Here’s everything we know about this feisty contestant.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Olivia Goder

Olivia Goder is a 34-year-old sports teacher hailing from Victoria. She has also competed in state and national championships for the long jump, the triple jump, and the heptathlon. These activities have given Olivia the mental and physical fortitude to slay on Million Dollar Island.

Olivia is also known for her loveable personality and unwavering determination. It’s these attributes that have made her somewhat of an island fave.

Olivia’s Life Outside the Show

Olivia’s Instagram is currently private. This means that we don’t know much about her life when she isn’t dominating the Million Dollar Island scene.

If you want to request to follow Olivia’s Instagram, you can do so. But please respect her privacy and decision.

Request to follow Olivia on Instagram here.

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Olivia’s Million Dollar Adventure

Olivia applied for Million Dollar Island because she wanted some personal growth. She is stoked to have an opportunity for herself mentally and emotionally, all while pushing the boundaries of her physical abilities.

If Olivia wins Million Dollar Island, she plans on sharing her winning with her family. Olivia’s genuine nature and humble aspirations make her a relatable and inspiring contestant to root for.

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