Jayden Is Taking TikTok By Storm, But Will He Conquer ‘Million Dollar Island’?

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Jayden

Million Dollar Island is moving along at a breakneck pace. It’s only been on for a few weeks, but already, we’ve said goodbye to over half the 100 contestants we began with. It’s fair enough — aside from the challenges, the contestants are having to navigate daily survival on a remote island, and it’s no joke. If they come out on top, though, they’ll snag one million dollars — the largest prize money ever offered on Australian television. Million Dollar Island is hosted by Ant Middleton, and now, it’s time to get to know the contestants.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Jayden Raja

Jayden Raja is a 23-year-old go-getter from NSW who’s making waves as one-half of “The Raja Twins” on TikTok, along with his brother Jason, who’s also competing on Million Dollar Island.

Known for his infectious sense of humour, laid-back attitude, and constant thirst for adventure, Jayden shares a strong bond with Jason that’s sure to serve them well on the show.

When he’s not creating TikTok’s with Jason, you can find Jayden at the supermarket, where he stacks shelves, or at the gym. Both Raja twins are fitness enthusiasts, and like to hit the gym five days a week.

After two years of posting content, Jayden is proud that the Raja Twins TikTok account has amassed a whopping 1.9 million followers, and believes it’s a testament to their hard work and perseverance.

Jayden’s Life Outside the Show

Primarily, Jayden’s social media presence is on the Raja Twins’ TikTok account. There, he and Jason post skits and comedy bits.


Bubbly drink 👍 #foryoupage #cocacola

♬ original sound – RajaTwins

Over on Instagram, Jayden keeps things pretty quiet. His personal account only has seven posts. There are a few selfies, and his bio indicates that he is a Christian.


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Follow Jayden on Instagram here, and follow the Raja Twins on TikTok here.

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Jayden’s Million Dollar Plan

Born one minute after Jason, the Raja twins plan to adopt a “twin strategy” for their time on Million Dollar Island, with a focus on building social connections.

Jayden is eager to form genuine connections with fellow participants and refine his survival skills along the way. He is, however, a little apprehensive about the absence of showers and survival toilets.

And while Jayden is keen to form connections with his fellow contestants, don’t get it twisted. Anyone who poses a threat to Jason will be squarely in Jayden’s sights when it comes time to eliminate the islanders.

Should Jayden emerge victorious at the end, his heartfelt desire is to give back to his parents.

Both Jayden and Jason are incredibly aware of the sacrifices their parents made when they moved to Australia in search of a brighter future for their family. Alongside Jason, Jayden remains deeply grateful, and he hopes to honour their unwavering support.

But will Jayden make it to the end? Only time will tell. Until then…

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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