Dean Is Keen to Make Mates and Be Wholesome on Seven’s ‘Million Dollar Island’

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Dean

Million Dollar Island has landed, and it feels like there are a million contestants. However, this is not the case. This series instead stars 100 everyday Aussies on a remote Malaysian island. These folks then compete in challenges, battle the wilderness, and stumble through social politics, with the express aim of winning the million dollar prize. One of the contestants gunning for the win is 29-year-old Dean Clare.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Dean Clare

Dean Clare is a beefcake and carpenter hailing from Victoria. Don’t let his muscular bod deceive you; beneath it lies a heart of gold. Dean is known for putting the needs of others before his own and being a huge softie.

As a skilled carpenter, Dean takes immense pride in his work. However, he’s also super proud of being a dad. Dean has a five-year-old son from a previous relationship.

“Being a father has been a transformative experience for me,” Dean said in a press release. “My son’s gentle and caring nature fills me with an indescribable sense of pride.”

Essentially, Dean’s life revolves around a simple routine: Carpentry, going to the gym, being a dad, and repeat.

Dean’s Instagram

Essentially, Dean’s Instagram is an extension of his life. There are a few thirst traps, but most of the photos are of him and his son.


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In a whack of Dean’s Instagram posts, his son is beaming right up at him. We give these posts a wholesome/10.

Follow Dean on Instagram here.

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Dean’s Million Dollar Adventure

As a single dad, Dean is open to finding love on Million Dollar Island. However, his aspirations extend far beyond romance. Dean is keen to form genuine friendships and create the sort of memories that money can’t buy.

Dean also joined Million Dollar Island for the chance of transforming the lives of his fam. If Dean won the grand prize, he’d financially support his parents and secure a deposit for a house. Oh, and he’d perhaps treat himself and his mates to a well-deserved Bali holiday.

Dean Clare’s journey on Million Dollar Island is set to be an inspiring one, as he demonstrates not only his carpentry skills but also his capacity for being a good dude. We’re so stoked to follow his remarkable pursuit of a million-dollar dream and the bonds that he will forge along the way.

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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