Breanna Defied the Odds, and Now She’s Ready to Win ‘Million Dollar Island’

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Breanna

Million Dollar Island is officially the most brutal reality TV series in the game. It’s only been a few weeks, but over half of the contestants have dipped. Some have succumbed to challenges, while others just didn’t like living on a remote island. However, there are still a whack of people surviving in this environment. One of these folks is Million Dollar Island’s Breanna Jackson.

But does Breanna have the strength to it make to the end? Will she win the one million dollar prize? Here’s what we know about her character.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Breanna Jackson

Breanna is simply a remarkable individual who’s defies the odds and serves. At the age of 16, she became a teenage mother. But despite this challenge, Breanna went to school and then university. She now has a double degree in Business and Law, along with a Master’s Degree.

On Million Dollar Island, Breanna has become a beacon of resilience.  She reminds us that with dedication and tenacity, we can climb up the insurmountable.

Breanna’s Life Outside the Show

Breanna has alopecia, and lot of her Instagram content is about dealing with the nuances of this illness.

Today, Breanna is happily married and the proud mother of three children. Her family resides on a sprawling 100-acre property. They are presently transforming this joint into a working farm, adding another exciting chapter to their lives.

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What Breanna Is Bringing to Million Dollar Island

Breanna Jackson is known for her ambitious nature. She’s known for constantly taking on multiple responsibilities, often juggling more than she can handle. What’s more, asking for help isn’t one of her strong suits. This is because Breanna prefers to tackle challenges independently.

Will Breanna’s self-sufficient nature make her a Million Dollar Island icon? Well, that’s still yet to be determined on our screens.

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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