Meet Alice: Model, Go-Kart Champion, and ‘Million Dollar Island’ Extraordinaire

Million Dollar Island 2023 contestant Alice

At one point, Million Dollar Island’s cast was so big, it would have been ridiculous to try naming everyone. However, each week, this game of 100 gets whittled down. By the end, there will be only one winner. Alice Litzow, a Million Dollar Island contender, wants this person to be her.

Will Alice make it to the finale of Seven’s Million Dollar Island? Will she take home all the prize money? Or, will she crack, become another forgotten name among the others?

Here’s everything we know about Alice.

Million Dollar Island Cast: Meet Alice Litzow

Alice Litzow is a 24-year-old from Queensland who wears many different hats. She’s a competitive go-karter, an admin worker at a hydraulic business, and a part-time model. It’s Alice’s versatility that makes her such a Million Dollar Island threat.

When not hustling, Alice finds solace in nature. Whether it’s hiking through the rugged terrain or playing softball with friends, she cherishes the freedom that the earth provides. Hopefully, this love for nature will make her well-suited to her new island life.

Alice’s Life Outside the Show

Alice’s Instagram is super focused on her work. A lot of her posts are about go-karting and modelling. Which honestly? Slay. If you love what you do, plug it.


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A post shared by ALICE LITZOW (@litzowalice)


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A post shared by ALICE LITZOW (@litzowalice)

Alice is also in a relationship with Todd Hazelwood. This gent is an Australian professional racing driver competing in the Repco Supercars Championship.


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Follow Alice on Instagram here.

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How Alice Would Spend Her Million Dollar Island Prize

If Alice were to win Million Dollar Island, she use the money to do everything. She plans on owning a house, launching her own swimwear line, and continuing to race cars. This series’ cash prize would definitely help make those dreams a reality. But will Alice’s dreams become reality? Only time will tell…

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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