Microphone from ‘The Masked Singer’ Can Definitely Sing, But Who’s Hiding Behind the Mask?

As we continue watching this year’s season of The Masked Singer Australia, we can’t help but speculate about the identity of Microphone.

She’s fabulous, glamorous and has a solid set of pipes, but who the heck is hiding behind the mask!?

We’ve had a few guesses from the judges, such as Brandy and … the late singer Meatloaf (yup, that one was straight out of Dave “Hughesy” Hughes’s mouth) — but it was Mel B’s guess that really had us on our toes.

The former Spice Girl believes Microphone to be Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, and we’re starting to think so too.

Which Clues Point to Michelle Williams?

“I’m Microphone, and I’m here to bring some real glamour,” she states in the clues package.

During fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland’s stint on the X-Factor in the US, she labelled one girl group as “Baby Destiny’s Child”.

The group’s name was Glamour!

The clue package also stated: ”I was almost involved in a life of crime, and my parents would have been proud! I got two years, but thankfully I had the best lawyer money can buy.”

Michelle initially didn’t think she could make it as a singer, so she studied criminal justice at Illinois State University instead.

She left two years later to pursue a career in music.

At one point during the show, Microphone said that she knew “the dark times too, but you only see the purple patches”.

Michelle has opened up about her battle with mental illness in the past, and as for the purple patches, the artist starred in The Colour Purple musical.

In another clue package, Microphone is spotted playing Rock Paper Scissors, which is the name of a mental health organisation that Michelle supports.

Michelle has previously competed on the US version of The Masked Singer, so it isn’t too farfetched to think she’d fly to Australia to give it another crack.

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