Microfilling Is the New Microblading (Without the Commitment)


While there’s no doubt microblading produces a game-changing result for brows, it is a costly, time-consuming and pretty permanent solution.

The latest trend in brows that is rivalling microblading is known as microfilling and there’s no long-term commitment required. And don’t worry, microfilling still allows you to achieve fluffy and full brows with just one tool.

What is microfilling?

Microblading requires the expertise of a professional, as it involves making tiny incisions in the skin where pigment is deposited to create brow definition. Microfilling, on the other hand, can be done at home and simply involves a three-pronged brow pencil.

According to Lauretta Power, national brow artist at Benefit, the pencil adheres to both your skin and the brow hairs, which helps you achieve the microbladed look.

“It will give you the most incredible lifelike brows where you have none, or build up where you are sparse to fill in all those gaps and add volume,” Power told Glamour. “The most flattering thing about the look is that whatever brow style you have, it will enhance by giving a more realistic look and is easy for everyone to achieve.”

How to use a microfilling pencil

Much like other brow products, the microfilling pencil requires a soft touch to achieve fluffy brows. Simply brush the tool in an upwards motion on your brows, making sure to apply strokes to the parts of your eyebrows that are a little sparse. When you get to the arch of your brow, turn the pen on its side and draw a number of soft strokes to finish your brow off.

When it comes to microfilling products, the only real current contender is Benefit’s Brow Microfilling Pen. The product launched in August this year and comes in four shades — blonde, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. Those with red or black hair aren’t being catered for in this range which is a little disappointing.

The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and buildable, so you can be as light or heavy-handed to achieve the end result you like. It’s also transfer-proof so it won’t end up on your clothes (read: white T-shirt). You can shop the Benefit Microfilling Pen via Sephora for $45.

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