Why You’re Seeing ‘Day Spas for the Mind’ Popping Up In Your City

As the world moves away from aesthetic pressure and into accepting diversity, day spas are evolving with the change. Are we the only ones, or have you noticed an increasing number of ‘day spas for the mind’ popping up in your city? 

It’s no secret last year was a challenge that many of us are still dealing with and will continue to heal from in the coming years. Reflecting on a trying year, where we were forced to exist in an unfamiliar corporate environment of flexible working and working from home, we were able to re-evaluate the importance of our mental health. 

This saw many of us quit jobs that no longer served us, move away from the city and into refreshing rural areas, normalising mental health days at work, going on regenerative holidays that are good for the soul and now, day spas that not only offer pampering for the body, but also pampering for the mind. 

We’ve gone ahead and pulled together a few of our favourites, that all offer different types of self-care, relaxation and pampering experiences.

day spa melbourne

The Cocoon Room Melbourne

The Cocoon Room Melbourne is a space for luxurious meditation in the heart of Melbourne’s business district in the CBD. Contrasting its surroundings of tall grey buildings and an array of suits running to their next meeting, The Cocoon Room is warm and inviting, with lush pink and rich blue interiors, complete with a signature scent and extravagant chandeliers.

Somehow, regardless of its decadence, The Cocoon Room is infinitely comforting. Currently hosting 50 minutes sessions, starting with a room of relaxing activities to get you ‘in the mood’, such as books, colouring-in, herbal tea and games. Then, you head into the actual Cocoon Room, where you nestle into your cocoon and take part in one of three meditations of your choice. There’s nothing like escaping into a guided meditation to break up the workday, and when you emerge, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll feel revitalised.

To book yourself a session or find out more, go to their website

SOAK Bar + Beauty

This spa has it all; facials, hair and makeup, mani-pedis, eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions and… booze. Yes, that’s right, you can sit up at the bar and enjoy a cosmopolitan or a whisky on the rocks or hell, even just a nice cold beer, before or during any of your treatments.

Surely, we don’t need to tell you that drinking delicious beverages and doing things that make you feel beautiful is good for your body and mind. The decor is straight out of a Sex and the City girls night out, with pink velvet seats, gold flourishes, beautiful lush drape curtains and all the pastel colours.

You can browse their treatments here.

Centred Meditation

Located in the City Mutual Building (above Rockpool & Spice Temple) in Sydney, Centred Meditation is a drop-in space to cleanse your mind at any time of the day. Their 30-minute guided meditation is designed to chill you out on your lunch break, and don’t even require you to sit cross-legged on the floor in your ironed work attire.

The space is set up with comfy chairs, where you can prop up your cup of tea and allow your brain to wander into a space of calm and inner peace. The decor is minimalistic, with lots of plants and heavenly greenery, paired with neutral colours and the intoxicating feeling of being on holiday, if only for a moment.

Find their daily timetable here.

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