Malik Joins Parents Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd In New Kids Clothing Venture


Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd may be the ones who have been on TV since 2017, but it is their 14-month-old son, Malik, who steals the show.

The gorgeous brown-eyed, brown curled toddler is a regular on their Instagram and spreads joy wherever he goes. In fact, Malik has become the most recognisable Fahd since his birth, with fans stopping his parents on the street just to get a selfie.

“We get people coming up to us because they’ve spotted Malik first,” Fahd said during an interview with The Latch. “They’re like, is that the kid from Gogglebox? And then they look up and they see Sarah and me and realise it’s all of us.”

Matty, who works full-time in media, says that he is a changed man since the birth of their son, allowing him to see what’s really important.

“I just feel really thankful a lot more,” Fahd said. “As long as you’re doing well at being a parent and if we take responsibility, everything else seems irrelevant in comparison to that. I think it’s definitely changed me.”

Matty F
Instagram @Matty_Ef

In honour of their son, Matty and Sarah have launched TMRW Kids, an eco-conscious, online marketplace for boutique kids clothing and accessories.

TMRW stands for ‘Today Must Right Our Wrongs’ and represents a generation that is more conscious of our planet than the generations before them.

Their aim is simple. To curate the most on-trend local labels under one roof, supporting Australian businesses.

TMRW Kids will be mostly unisex boasting a unisex palette and will be premium quality, without ever being unaffordable. They are also eco-conscious with 100% plastic-free packaging and labelling and offer express delivery.

“If this was two years ago, this would have been a men’s fashion label or something in the adult world as opposed to what it is now and that’s a reflection of what my world and our world has become.”

Supplied. Photographed by Matty Fahd.

As for Malik, he is their “number one and first brand ambassador for TMRW Kids and he’s very demanding,” especially when it comes to photoshoots.

“He refuses to work without a cucumber and you’ll see some of our images (above) feature a cucumber. It was initially not part of the design but now we’re just we’re owning it and we’re rocking it.”

The brand, which is online as of January 13, caters to 0-4-year-olds, with plans of expansion but that’s not the only thing that the Fahd’s plan on expanding on.

“We’ve kept all of Malik’s clothes hoping to have number two at some stage,” Fahd said. “Some of these things, it would be a shame to throw them out or let them become wasteful because half of them haven’t been touched.”

Visit TMRW Kids and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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