Matt Damon Stepped on a Massive Snake Last Time He Was in Australia

Matt Damon

Earlier this year, the bro-mance between Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth was in full effect as the pair spent some time galavanting around Australia together.

In a new interview on The Ellen Show, however, Matt Damon recalled one kind of terrifying encounter: when he stepped on a massive snake.

“I stepped on a snake last time I was there, like an 8-foot python,” the actor told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday’s show. “I was getting out of a car. That’s how many things in Australia are crazy I was getting out of a car in a neighborhood that borders an area with trees going down to the beach.”

He continued: “I got out of the car and stepped on something that felt like a large piece of wood, and I looked down and it was a snake. It didn’t even really notice that I was on it. I jumped off of it, in my flip flops, and it kind of just kept going.”

While he may have been lucky to escape without a snake bite (if only Lil Pump had been so lucky, earlier this week!), Ellen revealed that Chris is pretty sure Matt is bad luck, given that the last time they were in Australia, Matt had an unfortunate encounter with a jellyfish.

Still, encounters with wildlife aside, the Damon family is super tight with the Hemsworths, and they often take group family vacations together.

As recently as July, they all went to Ibiza to celebrate Chris’ wife Elsa Pataky’s birthday.