Will Reynold Poernomo Keep His Dessert King Title in ‘MasterChef: Dessert Masters’?

Reynold Poernomo is on MasterChef: Dessert Masters.

MasterChef: Dessert Masters is set to be unlike any MasterChef Australia season we’ve seen before. This series isn’t about entrees or mains, it’s all about cakes, scrolls, and sweets. What’s more, it’s being hosted by the delightful Melissa Leong and the iconic Amaury Guichon. 

Now, such an exciting premise deserves some exciting contestants, and that brings us to Reynold Poernomo. If you’re familiar with MasterChef Australia’s lore, then already know that he’s one of the competition’s biggest threats.

Here’s everything we know about Reynold’s MasterChef: Dessert Masters stint.

Who Is Reynold Poernomo?

Reynold Poernomo is a MasterChef Australia veteran. In 2015, Reynold came third in Season 7 of this series. During Season 12 in 2020, Reynold took home fourth place. 


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Throughout his tenure on MasterChef Australia, Reynold became synonymous with creating creative and mind-blowing sweets. In fact, he earned the formidable nickname, “The Dessert King.”

When he’s not busy starring on MasterChef Australia, Reynold runs an eatery called Koi across two different Sydney locations. Koi is best known for its cakes, classes, and experiential dining offerings.

Will Reynold Poernomo Win MasterChef: Dessert Masters?

As it stands, Reynold Poernomo is easily in the running to win MasterChef: Dessert Masters. After all, he’s already come close to winning the MasterChef Australia title on two separate occasions. 

However, there is one thing standing in Reynold’s way. According to his own admission, he’s a bit rusty when it comes to making sweets.

“Third time round in the MasterChef Australia kitchen for Dessert Masters, amongst nine other top gun pastry chefs in the country,” Reynold wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been so focused on doing a lot of dining… So this will be a thrill, getting back to the sweeter end of the kitchen.”


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“Are you excited to see all the amazing creations that we’ll make?”

We bet all the MasterChef fans are.

You can watch Reynold’s stellar sweet making skills when Dessert Masters hits Network 10 and 10 Play — Sunday, 12 November at 7:30pm.

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