Will Andy Bowdy Be a Sundae Delight on ‘MasterChef: Dessert Masters’?

Andy Bowdy is on MasterChefL Dessert Masters.

If you’ve been missing Masterchef Australia’s since Brent Draper was crowned 2023’s winner, then do we have some good news for you. Masterchef Australia is already coming back, this time with a dessert-themed series.

MasterChef: Dessert Masters is a season that’s all about cakes, sweets, and other sugary beasts. It’s being hosted by the iconic Melissa Leong and the delightful Amaury Guichon. What’s more, this season has some killer contestants too. 

One of these MasterChef: Dessert Masters players is Andy Bowdy. Here’s everything you need to know about this pastry machine. 

Who Is Masterchef’s Andy Bowdy?

Andy Bowdy is a Sydney-based pastry chef. He is known for his creative cake designs, some of which have gone viral on Instagram. Andy is also infamous for making a hype peanut butter and banana sundae.


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In July of 2023, Andy opened a new cafe in Rosebery called Salma’s Canteen. This joint makes a scrumptious pavlova, a meringue that’s filled to the brim with key-lime curd. Salma’s Canteen also serves up extraordinary pear and hazelnut cakes. 

The History of Andy Bowdy

Andy Bowdy grew up cooking in both of his Nanas’ kitchens. In these sacred spaces, he would deep dive into the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book. He would pore over the designs, imagining the creations he could make. 

However, it was many years later that Andy realised that he wanted to be a pastry chef. While living in London, he bluffed his way into a prestigious kitchen and was inspired by his exemplary boss, Stephen Fredericks.

Since working in London, Andy has been refining his cooking skills, and he hasn’t turned back from this dream since.

Andy Bowdy Vs MasterChef: Dessert Masters

Andy Bowdy is on MasterChef: Dessert Masters to prove that he is still at the peak of the pastry game. He also wants to demonstrate that he is more than a cake wizard. Andy wants prove that he can make some other stellar desserts.


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Get hyped for what Andy will bring to the kitchen table. Get hyped.

MasterChef: Dessert Masters is set to premiere at 7.30pm on Sunday, November 12, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. If you miss this episode, you can catch up on 10 Play.

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