For True Foodie Heaven, Check Out the ‘MasterChef 2021’ Contestants On Instagram


If you are as excited as we are that MasterChef Australia is back for another season then chances are you are a foodie who either loves to follow innovative chefs on Instagram or perhaps you have your own feed full of tantalising treats. 

Having premiered its latest season on Monday, April 19, the beloved cooking reality show has already introduced us to a beautifully diverse cast of home cooks who are hoping to take home the $250,000 grand prize. 

In an interview with The Latch, judge Andy Allen revealed how impressed he was with the competitors this season saying: “The stories of these guys and their attitude and their willingness to give up their amazing careers and then take the plunge and really, give everything that they have in each and every challenge, it’s amazing to see.”

Addressing this impressive new batch of contestants during the season’s debut, fellow judge Melissa Leong gave a passionate speech about the challenges of 2020.

“Last year, our world turned upside down,” she said.

“And although it was tough, it forced us all to reassess what is most important in our lives. Last year may have been a time of change, but this year is a time of opportunity.”

It’s no secret that one of the heroes of 2020 was food, with so many people trying their hand at cooking everything from banana bread to sourdough to focaccia gardens as they were confined to their homes to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Not to mention the countless TikTok recipes that have gone viral from baked feta to nature’s cereal”.

Yep, it is very safe to say that food and social media go together like tacos and margaritas, oysters and champagne, steak with a full-bodied glass of red and, well, you get it. 

If you are keen to get to know the MasterChef contestants a little better and get a daily dose of inspiration from their culinary magic, then look no further because we have found them all on Instagram so you can drool away to your heart’s content. 

Bon appétit! 

Kishwar Chowdhury, 38, Business Developer, VIC

Instagram: @kishwar_chowdhury

Brent Draper, 31, Boilermaker, NSW 

Instagram: @brentdraper_

Therese Lum, 31, Business Analyst, NSW

Instagram: @therese.lum 

Network Ten

Justin Narayan, 27, Youth Worker, WA

Instagram: @justinnarayan

Scott Bagnell, 39, Interior Designer, QLD

Instagram: @ssbagnell


Amir Manoly, 30, Project Manager, VIC

Instagram: @amirmanoly


Minoli DeSilva, 34, Defence Manager, NT 

Instagram: @minoli.desilva

Sabina Newton, 21, Student, NSW

Instagram: @sabinanewton 

Trent Vu, 23, Sales Manager, NSW

Instagram: @trent_vu and @riceguyy

Dan Dumbrell, 31, Research Project Officer, NSW

Instagram: @dandumbrell 


Eric Mao, 21, Medical Student, NSW

Instagram: @e_mao_


Maja Veit, 33, Self-Employed, TAS

Instagram: @majaveit

Tom Levick, 23, Law Student, NSW

Instagram: @tomlevick_

Pete Campbell, 36, Tattoo Artist, NSW

Instagram: @my.mate.pete


Linda Dalrymple, 39, Full-Time Mum, NSW

Instagram: @eating_with_chenwah

YoYo Yang, 19, Medical Student, SA

Instagram: @yo_yo_tato


Tommy Pham, 31, Primary School Teacher, NSW

Instagram: @tommyphameats


Jess Hodge, 36, Landscape Architect, NSW

Instagram: @_made_by_jess


Depinder Chhibber, 29, Pharmacist, NSW

Instagram: @depinder_


Conor Curran, 29, Restaurant Manager, VIC

Instagram: @creamy_confusion

Wynona Davies, 33, Marketing, NSW

Instagram: @adashofwyn


Katrina Dunnet, 25, Marketing Coordinator, SA

Instagram: @aunty_trina


Elise Pulbrook, 28, Paralegal, VIC

Instagram: @elise_foodperson


Aaron Sanders, 33, Insurance Manager, SA

Instagram: @sanders25

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