“I Am Giddy With Excitement” — Why Sofia Levin Will Be a Perfect Judge on “MasterChef Australia”

The MasterChef Australia judge Sofia Levin

MasterChef Australia is changing. In 2024, this series will see its contestants travel to Hong Kong for three thrilling episodes. Additionally, MasterChef Australia’s judging line-up has been dramatically transformed.

Last year, the beloved judge Jock Zonfrillo tragically passed away. This was followed by Melissa Leong’s announcement that she was stepping away from the show to focus on MasterChef: Dessert Masters.

Earlier this year, MasterChef Australia announced that Sofia Levin, Andy Allen, Poh Ling Yeow, and Jean-Christophe Novelli would make up the 2024 judging panel. 

While Sofia is not a chef herself, she believes she has what it takes to be an excellent judge on MasterChef Australia

“The first season of MasterChef Australia aired the same year I started writing about food,” Sofia said in a statement. “By the time I graduated from journalism, I was sharing lesser-known food stories, while the show was exposing the nation to cuisines and cultures they had never considered before.” 

“Becoming a judge on MasterChef feels like two parallel paths converging, and I am giddy with excitement at the people I get to stand beside.”

If you want to know about Sofia’s food writing adventures, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything we know about her journey. 

Meet MasterChef Australia’s Sofia Levin

Sofia Levin is best known for founding the Seasoned Traveller, a travel website that explores how cooking shapes different cultures and places. The Seasoned Traveller also kicked off the #EatCuriously movement. The #EatCuriously movement encourages all of us to eat foods beyond our comfort zones in order to learn more about others and ourselves. 

Beyond the Seasoned Traveller, Sofia has written about food for many respected publications. These include Lonely Planet, The Age, SBS Food, and The Guardian, amongst others. Her writing is defined by her ability to condense complicated flavours into straightforward words.

MasterChef Australia 2024 will premiere at 7.30pm on Monday, April 22, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss this episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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