Snezana Is Shaking Up MasterChef Australia With Baklava Butter and Anchovy Spreads

The 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant Snezana

MasterChef Australia’s Snezana is a lady who likes to elevate the classics. During the first elimination episode, Snezana served an elevated bread with three types of butter. Snezana created an anchovy butter, an ajvar butter, and a baklava butter. All of the judges adored this dish.


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“I think you’re incredibly brave to serve just bread and butter,” the guest judge Jamie Oliver said. “But it’s delicious. It’s really, really good.”

“What you’re doing is using three different themes, and managed to mix it well,” Jean-Christophe Novelli said. “It’s nice and soft. In fact, it’s a super consistency. It’s just the right texture.”

While Snezana didn’t win the immunity challenge, losing to Nat’s kangaroo larb, she was very close to securing first place. It’s now up to Snezana to step her cooking up a notch. Here’s everything we know about this contestant.

Who Is Snezana on MasterChef Australia 2024?

MasterChef Australia’s Snezana started her life in Croatia and moved to Serbia as a child. She began cooking at around seven, learning her skills in the kitchen by observing her Mum. As a child, Snezana grew up around Mediterranean flavours and Serbian dishes, two culinary styles that have defined her cooking to this day. 

In 2009, Snezana followed her family to Australia. Despite it being difficult to start a new life in a new country, with a new language, Snezana rose to the challenge. Likewise, Snezana is now ready to undergo another gauntlet.

The winner of MasterChef Australia receives $250,000. If Snezana wins this money, she may use it to make her own rural, home-style café. We can’t wait to learn if Snezana makes it to the finals and achieves this big dream.

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