A Pressing Question: Is MasterChef Australia Still on Tonight?

MasterChef Australia judges is masterchef still on tonight public holiday anzac day

On Easter Monday, MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favourites kicked off with a bang in an epic two-hour premiere, and already, things are getting spicy.

It’s the 14th season of the smash hit cooking competition, which follows hopeful home cooks as they pursue their passion for food in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

This season, however, we’ve got 12 familiar faces back in the kitchen, including season one winner Julie Goodwin, season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah, as well as talent from just last season in Favourites Minoli De Silva and Tommy Pham.

Meanwhile, our Fans include Daniel Lamble, a firefighter from the Northern Territory, and Harry Tomlinson, the first Fan to be awarded one of the coveted Immunity Pins this season.

As our Fans and Faves go head to head, judges Andy AllenMelissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo have been tasked with a challenge of their own: working out who to send home.

It’s a struggle that Allen remembers all too well from his own time competing on the show.

Allen recently told The Latch that he was “worst cook in the top 24 and the house back then”.

“Because I had that realisation pretty early, I just took every opportunity as a learning opportunity,” Allen said. “When we would cook dinner at home and I was around these amazing cooks, I would ask them and prod them, really using that as an opportunity.”

In fact, Allen said that when he first joined the show, he even “struggled to boil water”, but  spent his time on the season “really taking in the feedback [he] got from Matt, George, Gary and the guest chefs”.

“You just need to be on the whole time, to make sure you’re evolving as a cook,” he explained.

With such a talented cast of hopeful cooks, we can’t wait to see how this season plays out, but with Anzac Day today, is MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favourites still on tonight?

Thankfully, yes! MasterChef Australia will air as usual tonight, so it’s time to curl up on the couch and see what delicious dishes get plated up tonight. Happy watching!

MasterChef Australia airs at 7.30pm Sunday-Thursdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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