Here’s Why Nat Is the MasterChef Australia Frontrunner

The 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant Nat

MasterChef Australia’s Nat is currently the contestant to beat. During the first immunity challenge, Nat whipped up a scrumptious kangaroo larb with soy-cured egg yolk and pickled karkalla. When the judges tasted this dish, they all fell in love with its flavours.


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“I think you’ve done a fantastic job,” the guest judge Jamie Oliver said. “The flavour profile is perfume, it’s just delicate. It’s light, it’s unexpected. I never, ever thought I’d have kangaroo as delicious as that.” 

“This is as good, if not better, than any dish I’ve had in a restaurant in Australia in the last six months,” Sofia Levin said. “It is such a clever amalgamation of different cultures.”

After receiving this feedback, Nat was given MasterChef Australia’s first immunity badge. Does Nat have the skills to win another one? Here’s everything we know about this frontrunner.

Who Is Nat on MasterChef Australia 2024?

MasterChef Australia’s Nat grew up in a busy family of five on the outskirts of Melbourne. During her childhood, she spent a lot of time with her two younger brothers and her parents ran a Thai restaurant.

While Nat’s parents influenced her culinary style, she was equally influenced by her late grandmother, Purd Boonpun. Purd taught Nat that cooking can help people process grief and help with their healing. 


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Nat’s cooking is known for being a combination of traditional flavours and modern sensibilities. Her food is always exciting, fresh, and full of flavour. When cooking in the kitchen, Nat is always eager to push the culinary boundaries.

As it stands, Nat has two dreams she wants to achieve. First off, Nat dreams of creating a hospitality co-working space called The Good Space. She would also like to write about food and expose Aussie audiences to different dishes and cultures from across the globe.

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