Mimi Is Bringing Hong Kong Delights to the MasterChef Australia Kitchen

The 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant Mimi

On MasterChef Australia, Mimi is making her dreams come true. During the first elimination challenge, her hero Jamie Oliver taught her how to dismember a crab. Mimi then cooked this meat to perfection, delighting each and every judge. 

According to judge Jean-Christophe Novelli, working with Mimi has been an incredible experience.


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“I feel like I’m in a magical wonderland. It’s a dream come true,” Jean-Christophe said during an interview with The Latch. “I’ve been around quite a bit. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in many opportunities around the planet. But being on MasterChef is like being at the finals of the Olympics.”

Here’s everything we know about the 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant, Mimi.

Who Is Mimi on MasterChef Australia 2024?

While Mimi is a high school teacher working in Sydney, lately her passion for food has begun to exceed the boundaries of her kitchen. So naturally, Mimi is on MasterChef Australia 2024 to compete with the best of them.

From the age of 11, Mimi lived in Hong Kong. Alongside her brother Jonathan, Mimi was raised by her grandma. Their apartment was full of love and delicious food. The scent of poached snapper, soy braised chicken, and red date syrup often wafted from their stovetop. Mimi remembers these moments fondly, and they paved the way for her culinary dreams. 


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In 2016, Mimi became a permanent Sydneysider. When she cooks, she loves playing with Asian fusion cuisine. But Mimi is also a big fan of cooking tarts. She hopes that having both a sweet and savoury tooth will help her in the MasterChef Australia kitchen. 

The winner of the 2024 season of MasterChef Australia will receive $250,000. If Lily wins this money, she may use it to open her own restaurant. Her place would have a chalkboard of rotating specials where Cantonese flavours can shine.

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