Why Harry Is a Seafood Superstar on MasterChef Australia

The 2024 MasterChef Australia contestant Harry

On MasterChef Australia 2024, the elimination episodes are more tense than ever. During the first elimination episode, Sumeet’s butter chicken was underwhelming, Josh’s steak was too raw, and James’ undercooked squid got him kicked from the competition. But conversely, some contestants flourished under these stressful conditions. MasterChef Australia’s Harry cooked a batch of seafood parcels that the judges adored.

In under 75 minutes, Harry did the impossible, making a delicious puff pastry from scratch. He then filled this pastry with kingfish fillets and a prawn and scallop mousse. When it came time for the judges to try this dish, Harry received nothing but praise.

But can Harry replicate this result again on MasterChef Australia 2024? Or is he a one-hit wonder? Here’s everything we know about this budding contestant.

Who Is MasterChef Australia’s Harry?

MasterChef Australia’s Harry is a commercial property specialist hailing from Queensland. But while Harry lives on the land, he feels most at home in the ocean. When Harry isn’t working, you can find him sustainably harvesting seafood. Harry is known to swim for hours in the search of some delicious crayfish.

Harry’s passion for seafood was imparted to him by his Pop Ivan and Nonna Yvonne. Across his childhood, Pop took him surfing, swimming, and fishing. Meanwhile, Nonna always making something delicious from whatever was in the fridge.

These childhood memories have defined Harry’s culinary style. As an adult, Harry loves combining Aussie seafood flavours with Italian and French techniques. Harry has also been influenced by Asian cuisine, loving both Chinese and Japanese flavours.

If Harry wins MasterChef Australia, he’s going to use the prize money to open a seafood restaurant called Fins n’ Tins, which would feature great meals, good beer, and live music.

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