‘MasterChef Australia’ 2023: Adi Is a Doctor Who Combines Science and Cooking

MasterChef Australia Secrets and Surprises 2023 contestant Adi

Since publishing this story, Network Ten has announced the death of MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo on April 30, 2023. MasterChef Australia Secrets and Surprises will now premiere on Sunday, May 7, with the full support of Zonfrillo’s family.

Australia’s favourite cooking competition is back, and that means, it’s time to meet the MasterChef Australia 2023 cast. One of the hopeful home cooks who will be competing on MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises this year is Adi Nevgi, a 31-year-old doctor from Melbourne, Victoria.

Adi has always been a passionate cook, but she was forced to put her dream of competing on MasterChef Australia on hold to work on the front lines during the pandemic.

This year, however, she is taking a step back from her career to focus on her love for cooking, to travel, and to chase her dreams.


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Adi’s Cooking Background

As a cook, Adi is mostly self-taught. Over the years, she’s grown her passion for cooking by experimenting with different cuisines and visiting 55 countries to develop her palate.

Adi has a deep love for her the Indian food of her ancestry, but also draws inspiration from flavours all over the world.

As a doctor, Adi’s passion for cooking is deepened by her understanding of the science behind it. For her, cooking is the perfect blend of her academic and creative pursuits.

In fact, Adi has even been working on her own cookbook — a ‘how-to guide’ on learning the basics of cooking.

Adi’s Strengths and Weaknesses In the Kitchen

When it comes to her time as one of the MasterChef Australia 2023 contestants, though, Adi admits that baking is not her forte, which may be a challenge she has to overcome.

Still, Adi believes that her determined and unflappable nature will keep her on an even keel in the kitchen.

Adi is determined to give the competition her all, and she will stop at nothing to achieve them.

With her impressive combination of cooking skills and scientific knowledge, Adi is sure to bring a unique perspective to the MasterChef kitchen.

MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises premieres Sunday, May 7 at 7.30pm, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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