Sashi Cheliah Is Making a Comeback on ‘MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites’

He’s best known as the season 10 winner of MasterChef Australia, and now, Sashi Cheliah is back for the second time to reclaim the throne. During his time on the show, Cheliah plated up one mouthwatering dish after another. From spicy curries to perfectly cooked seafood, he cemented himself as a master of Indian and Malaysian food. His approach was methodical and it took him right to the very end.

Boasting 119,000 followers on Instagram, Cheliah has a loyal fanbase who are wanting to know his every move. 

The eldest of seven children, the Singapore-born cook’s passion for food began early on in his life when he would watch his mother and aunties in the kitchen at their family-owned cafe. 

“Whenever they cooked, I was always in the kitchen watching,” Sashi wrote on his website, Sashi’s Secret. “Food is a huge part of my culture and there’s always plenty of food to prepare at every cultural festival and event.”

But despite being passionate about food, he didn’t immediately start working in the hospitality industry. Instead, he worked in the Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) unit of the Singapore Police Force for 12 years. The job was demanding and required Cheliah to train in tactics, rescue operations, counter-terrorism, kidnappings, and high-profile protection in the riot police. 

In 2012 he moved to Adelaide and took on the job of a prison guard. It was then that he rediscovered his love for food, and decided to apply for MasterChef Australia after seeing a Facebook post. 

“I don’t believe age should be a barrier to achieving dreams,” said Sashi. “And it wasn’t!”

In the 2018 finale for the hit series, Sashi received a score of 93 out of 100, setting a new record at the time. 

Now, he’s back for round two. Not only is he set to compete on MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites, but Cheliah also has his own range of Home Chef Hits, so you can create his recipes easily in your own kitchen. 

MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites premieres on Monday, April 18 on Channel 10 and 10play.

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