MasterChef Australia’s Harry Tomlinson Reveals What’s Next for Her

harry tomlinson immunity pin masterchef australia fans and favourites

After a strong start to the season in which Harry Tomlinson became the first Fan to be awarded a coveted Immunity Pin, the hopeful home cook’s MasterChef Australia journey has come to an end.

Speaking to The Latch over the phone following her elimination, Tomlinson said that she has “so many things!” in the works for her post-MasterChef Australia journey.

“At the moment it’s just getting back into the Melbourne food scene and helping out all my friends,” Tomlinson said, citing “staff shortages and things like that”, but that’s not all that’s on the horizon for the cook.

Tomlinson said she’s also gearing up to do “just lots of cooking, lots of recipe development, sharing recipes with everyone through my Instagram”.

On top of that, she’s also “working on a bit of a website”, which will be the home base for her to share “some writing pieces, a few interviews with people”.

“I’m just going to keep cooking, and I’m keeping my doors open to what could potentially come next,” she said.

Of her time on MasterChef Australia, Tomlinson said that she initially thought that the inclusion of the Favourites — which included three past winners and some truly formidable competition — would “just make [the] experience too hard” for the Fans.

“I thought it was going to be worse than what it was!” Tomlinson admitted. “I thought that we would all really really struggle, but actually going up against and having the Favourites there was massively helpful.”

As it turned out, Tomlinson said, the Favourites spent a lot of time “encouraging us all to be better”, and were more than keen to share their wealth of knowledge, about both cooking and their previous MasterChef Australia experiences.

“They were all so, so humble with their knowledge and helping us to get through the tough times based on their past experiences,” she said, adding that the experience of competing with them was “really really good”.

Had Tomlinson become the Season 14 winner of MasterChef Australia, she said that she would’ve used the prize money “as a bit of a buffer” to spend more time developing her own recipes and writing.

While her plan is still to do both of those things, Tomlinson said that “having that kind of money is a massive luxury in terms of allowing yourself a lot of room for creativity”, and it would’ve allowed her some more time “to travel, to eat and to learn more about food”.

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