Will Pete, Kishwar or Justin Take Home the Title of ‘MasterChef Australia’ 2021?

MasterChef Australia finale

It’s hard to believe that the end of the 2021 season of MasterChef Australia is here. The competition has seen exceptional talent across the board and filled our homes with the kind of wholesome, comfort watching that we are just all about.

After weeks of intense pressure tests, heartwrenching eliminations and countless plates of food we wish we could eat, it now all comes down to one final challenge — at the end of which, one person will walk away $250,000 richer.

The final three contestants are Kishwar, Pete and Justin, making it impossible to predict whose game it is as they are all such different cooks (although both TAB and Sportsbet have Justin tipped as the victor.)

This year, the finals have been done a little differently, taking place over two nights and consisting of three nail-biting challenges for which they will be scored by the judges. The cook with the most accumulated points at the end of the second night will be declared the winner.

In the first round, celebrity guest chefs such as Martin Benn, Josh Niland and Kirsten Tibballs lifted the lids on their cloches to reveal ingredients that the three finalists needed to make something spectacular with.

At the end of the first round, Kishwar scored 21 out of 30, Justin scored 21 out of 30 and Pete scored 28 out of 30.

For the second round, the finalist’s families were invited into the MasterChef kitchen (cue the tears!) and were asked to pick out golden balls for their loved ones — one which contained an ingredient and one which contained a curveball.

At the end of the second round, Kishwar scored a perfect 30 points for her peasant curry, while Justin only just fell short with 29 points. Surprisingly, Pete did not cook his quail properly, resulting in him receiving  25 out of 30. However, the tattoo artist is still in the lead, with a cumulative total of 53 points.

In the final challenge, legendary chef Peter Gilmore of Sydney’s Quay Restaurant will task Pete, Kishwar and Justin with recreating not one, but two, of his intricate dishes. Given that this is the man who brought us the infamous snow egg dessert, it’s safe to say that the final showdown will be one for the history books.

The MasterChef Australia grand finale airs tonight (July 13) on Network 10 and 10 Play.

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