Meet the ‘MAFS’ Australia Intruders Who Are Here to Shake Things Up

Married at First Sight may not be known for creating too many perfect matches (with a few notable exceptions) but it is most certainly known for stirring up the drama and keeping viewers guessing.

In a season that has so far seen some fairly awkward moments, two anxiety-inducing dinner parties and an almost cheating scandal, the time has now come to throw another curve ball into the mix by way of two indruder couples.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the latest brides and grooms entering the ring for their shot at true love.

Chris Jensen, 32, Queensland

Groom Chris is 6’2 with plenty of tattoos and a nose ring, but this FIFO driller swears he is super sensitive with a huge heart and a deep love of family.

A single dad to two daughters, one of the things that makes Chris proud in life is the love his two little girls have for reading, something he himself has struggled with given he has dyslexia.

Chris says he will never be a high flyer but is hard working and hopelessly romantic and just looking for someone to make memories with.

Find Chris on Instagram, here.



Jaimie Gardner, 35, NSW

Marketing and brand manager Jaimie admits that she has previously gone for the wrong guys, opting for emotionally unavailable men who have left her hurt when she has failed to see the red flags. 

Jaimie says that she is used to dating high flyers but now craves someone genuine and committed. As she has searched for that special someone, her dog Rocky has been her one constant and, as she jokes, the only male who hasn’t left her.

Having grown up on a farm, Jaimie has three sisters — all of whom are married. The 35-year-old also has seven nieces and nephews and is extremely close to her family, she would just love to have one of her own. Jaimie is very keen to be a mother and is looking for someone who can meet her high standards.

Find Jaimie on Instagram, here.



Georgia Fairweather, 25, Queensland

Georgia comes from a wealthy family and boasts the distinction of having studied at a Swiss boarding school.

Until recently, this entrepreneur has been travelling alot for work and spent several years abroad in Hong Kong. While this has been great for Georgia’s career, it does mean that she hasn’t had very much time for dating.

A self-confessed girly girl who loves all things pink, Georgia is looking for a man who has his act together and who won’t be intimidated by her ambiton and success.

Find her on Instagram, here.



Kerry Knight, 30, Queensland

Kerry is a sports loving occupational therapist who lives life to the fullest and is fiercely independent. One of her greatest passions is having a beer while watching an ALF game, which is sure to make her a hit with her groom.

Kerry is recently separated after being with her former partner for six years, and married for two. Although the relationship ended when Kerry realised she was no longer in love, the pair remain the best of friends and share custody of their dog, which admittedly can make dating a little difficult.

Find her on Instagram, here. 


Liam Cooper, 29, Queensland

Liam is self-described “Aussie bogan” who likes to speak his mind and stir the pot when he is bored. A prison officer from Brisbane, Liam grew up on a farm riding horses but comes from a complicated upbringing. Because of this, Liam is hoping to find the right woman to start a family of his own with.

Liam, who is openly bisexual, was last in a realtionship six years ago and is not interested in simply “hooking up” with someone, but rather looking for a deeper and long lasting connection with someone he can really settle down with.

Find him on Instagram, here. 


Johnny Balbuziente, 30, Queensland

Johnny is a theatre producer who comes from a big Italian family. At 30 years old he is already divorced and has had his walls up ever since his marriage ended.

A romantic at heart, this outgoing and handsome lad is searching for his better half, although he is not too sure how his protective mother and sister will react to him conducting his search on MAFS! 

Find him on Instagram, here.


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