MAFS 2023: Here’s a Look at All the Brides and Grooms in the Experiment

10 couples are set to embark on the Married At First Sight experiment, with things kicking off on January 30.

That’s right, 10 new brides and 10 new grooms will meet for the first time at the altar on their wedding day after being matched by relationship experts, John Aiken and Mel Schilling, and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

Meet all the contestants appearing on Season 10 of MAFS 2023:

The Brides

Alyssa, 35, NSW, Executive Assistant

It’s not the first time Alyssa will be walking down the aisle. The 35-year-old has been single for 12 months since her seven-year marriage ended. She shares a two-year-old son with her ex.

The Utah-born bride was raised Mormon and family is a huge part of her life. However, she’s found dating as a single mum extremely hard, especially on dating apps which she finds overwhelming.

Walking down the aisle again, Alyssa is a little more trepidatious but hopeful of finding love once more.


Bronte28, WA, Online Beauty Educator

Bronte describes herself as an outspoken, fiery, and confident “pocket rocket”. The 28-year-old has no trouble getting approached by men but is constantly finding herself in “situationships” with guys who end up breaking her heart.

After being burnt by men in the past, Bronte is entering the experiment with some trust issues but is putting her faith in the MAFS experts in hopes she can open her heart again.

Caitlin27, QLD, Makeup Artist

Caitlin is a hopeless romantic who admits to falling very hard, very fast, but always for the worst men.

With high standards and an unwillingness to settle for anything less than she deserves, Caitlin has struggled to find anyone remotely close to her forever person. But after two years of no intimacy, she’s looking to the experts for an “intervention”.

Claire31, VIC, Kindergarten Assistant

Claire was raised in a chaotic Greek household, so it’s no surprise the bride describes herself as apologetically loud, direct, vivacious, and energetic.

Claire is a self-professed tomboy and car fanatic but, despite the tattoos and rock-star vibes, there’s a softer side to her. The 31-year-old is “all in” for finding for her soul mate to have kids and grow old with.

Janelle28, WA, Beauty Influencer

Janelle is a driven, self-assured woman who grew up in a strict Singaporean-Chinese family.

She describes her upbringing as tough at times, but Janelle is incredibly close to her two brothers and parents who are still happily married. The 28-year-old is looking for a partner her family will love and approve of.

Lyndall27, WA, Accountant

Lyndall has been living with cystic fibrosis and never thought she’d make it to the age of 30, let alone marriage and children. She didn’t prioritise any long-term plans but, with new medicine extending her life expectancy and giving her the lung capacity of someone without CF, she has a renewed outlook on finding love.

She is now taking risks and grabbing life by the horns and is looking for someone who will live life the same way.

Melinda32, QLD, CEO, Fashion & Beauty

‘Alpha female’ Melinda is a confident, sassy businesswoman who finds herself the centre of attention in any room. But, while Melinda has no problems attracting men, the right kind of men always seem to elude her.

Beneath her tough exterior, she’s very emotional and can get in her head about the smallest things, leading to constant conflict in relationships. She hopes to find an ambitious man who is equally business-minded. But he can’t be clingy and must be patient with her, she asks.

Melissa41, NSW, Hairdresser

At the age of 41, Melissa is looking for what she thinks is her last shot at real love.

After a 10-year marriage and co-parenting her son, Melissa has no problem meeting men, she craves a long-term relationship and believes that the clock may be ticking on finding the right person.

She’s upbeat, charismatic, cheeky, flirtatious, and very comfortable with her sexuality, and she expects her man to keep up with her.

Sandy36, VIC, Dental Hygienist

Despite being in her mid-thirties, Sandy has never been in a serious relationship and has had very little experience with men.

The 36-year-old grew up in a strict Indian household and her parents were huge on upholding the traditional values of Indian culture. That meant she was not allowed to mix with boys and had no male friends. She went to a girls’ school and studied dental nursing with women.

With her parents still happily together in an arranged marriage, Sandy believes the MAFS experiment could work for her.

Tahnee, 27, NSW, PR Manager

Fast-talking, passionate, and bubbly, Tahnee is ready to take things to the next level and ditch her dating apps!

She is fed up with the shallow, swipe-right culture that results in ‘situationships’ being all about looks and no real connection.

Tahnee is hopeful that the experts can help her tick true love off her bucket list.

The Grooms

Adam35, QLD, Business Owner

Cocky and confident, Adam is a modern-day entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the next business opportunity.

He was in a long-term relationship in his twenties for almost 10 years. They became engaged before he realised he was too young to settle down. Now at 35, he’s done with dating apps and wants to find something more meaningful with someone who is ready to settle down.

Cam, 27, NT, Carpenter

Aussie larrikin Cameron grew up on a farm in Queensland before moving to Darwin to work as a carpenter in Indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory.

He’s never had a girlfriend, so taking part in the MAFS experiment is way out of his comfort zone.

Dan42, QLD, Digital Marketing Business Owner

Dan has been married twice before and is a father of a teenage daughter but is still on the hunt for Mrs Right.

Career-driven, charming and successful, semi-retired businessman Dan is looking for someone who is healthy, fit, and motivated like himself, and who can match his lifestyle, dreams, and ambitions.

Duncan, 36, NSW, Cyber Security Sales

Meet Prince Charming. Duncan is a chivalrous gentleman who has no trouble meeting women but often finds himself in relationships that aren’t compatible.

In a relationship Duncan is “the best friend and the lover” and he’s searching for a woman with class, emotional intelligence, and confidence.

Harrison32, NSW, Builder

With a bone-dry sense of humour that can catch people unaware, Harrison is serious about finding true love.

Despite being a single dad to his three-year-old, Harrison is open to having more children with the right woman. But he won’t just settle for anyone – he sets the bar “ridiculously high” to achieve greatness in love.

Inspired by his parents’ 33-year marriage, Harrison is ready to settle down with a beautiful woman who shares his zest for life, goals, values, and sense of humour.

Jesse30, WA, Marriage Celebrant

Formerly in a heavy metal band, Jesse is now a Perth marriage celebrant who officiates in a rock star style.

Having done over 500 weddings, Jesse finds himself surrounded by a constant level of love and commitment that leaves him wanting that for himself.

Jesse is extremely fussy when it comes to choosing partners and has a rather large number of turnoffs which gives him the “ick”.

Joshua40, NSW, Advertising Client Director

Josh is the self-proclaimed and self-deprecating ‘station wagon’ of relationships – stable, dependable, and solid.

Since his marriage ended, Josh has attempted to navigate a whole new dating game that has evolved dramatically since he was last single but struggles in the modern world of apps.

This loveable single father of two is simply looking for his plus-one.

Layton, 35, NSW, CEO, Biotech

Layton has been a self-starter from the young age of 19. The entrepreneur has started a number of successful businesses, including his latest project in medicinal cannabis for pets.

Being so career-driven, the 35-year-old doesn’t commit to making love a priority and often puts work first. Being the only single person in his close-knit group of friends he’s finally realised that something must change.

Ollie26, WA, Voice-Over Artist

Confident, charismatic, and mature beyond his years, Ollie definitely knows how to use his words to get what he wants.

He may be young, but he’s no fan of modern dating and has sworn off swiping to find love. He’s had one serious relationship and knows what it’s like to fall in love – he just hopes that next time it’s with ‘The One’.

Shannon30, VIC, Personal Trainer

At first glance, Shannon might seem like your average carefree bachelor but deep down he’s a sensitive soul in search of love.

With a three-year-old daughter he loves dearly, Shannon was in an on-again-off-again relationship with his ex-partner for many years. Although they share custody, he has ended things with his ex and is ready to move on with someone he can build a future with.

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