Big Brother’s Marley Biyendolo is Doing it For His Dad

Is there anyone who deserves to win Big Brother more than Marley Biyendolo? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

Not only does he do some crucial and amazing work — Marley is a support worker and psychosocial recovery coach within the disability industry — he also has a pretty noble cause for winning the prize money.

Sadly, Marley’s mum passed away from cancer four years ago, and he wants to use the money to set up and take care of his dad.

“It could help so much,” he said in his promo video before the series began, In the same video, he also reveals that his mum is his “biggest motivation”, and says that she gave him one thing to do — look after his dad.

So, it’s safe to say he matches up with the descriptors in his bio — big smile, big heart — someone who radiates positivity, love and happiness and that’s the one thing he was looking forward to in the house — all the fun to be had.

But Marley also has a competitive side too — in fact, he thrives on competition. It could be due to his extensive history of playing basketball where he played college ball in the US  and even managed to score a scholarship to Pepperdine University; something he calls his “proudest achievement”. Marley has even played at the Madison Square Garden, in front of 16,000 people. No biggie.

The 26-year-old still plays here in Australia, for the Dandenong Rangers in NBL1 — a semi-professional basketball league.

He also has a long-term girlfriend, who is also a professional athlete (sorry for those of you absolutely charmed by his smile!); however, currently, they’re long-distance due to the pandemic. But don’t worry, she’ll be watching Big Brother from over in the US.

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