Forget the DIY Mani, These Custom Press-On Nails Are the Way Forward


Press-on nails were all the rage in high school but you probably haven’t revisited them since then — and given the quality of those ones (probably purchased at Kmart!), it’s understandable.

But, we’re making an exception for these. Victoria Houllis is the Sydney-based nail artist/genius behind Mannequin Hands. Houllis has painted the nails of Dua Lipa and M.I.A as well as local legends Flex Mami and Thandi Phoenix. The work of Mannequin Hands has also appeared in Vogue and Paper Magazine.

So, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill press-on nails.

While COVID-19 restrictions are not allowing Houllis to operate as normal, she is offering press-on nails that are totally customisable instead. You can choose the nail shape, length and the design you want —  a quick scroll through the Mannequin Hands Instagram page shows just how limitless the options are.

Giving yourself a manicure isn’t the easiest task, so treating yourself to a set of quirky and cool press-on nails might be the self-care practice for you.

And, you’ll also be supporting a small business while you’re at it!

Instagram @sojo1991
Mannequin Hands
Instagram @vonfeh via @mannequin_hands

While fried eggs have proven to be a popular design for many, you can also send inspo pictures or ask for an old set previously done by Mannequin Hands. All orders come with a buffer, nail glue and an alcohol wipe.


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