Australia’s Biggest Axe Throwing Utopia Has Opened in Sydney’s Inner West

maniax marrickville

Axe throwing is more of a recent addition to the hospitality industry. In Sydney, Melbourne and around the country, axe throwing bars have popped up, providing the chance for would-be Vikings to partake in the simple, yet challenging task of throwing an axe at a target—and getting it to stick.

Proving its popularity, Marrickville, also known as craft beer central, has joined the party and opened Australia’s biggest Viking themed bar and axe throwing utopia—MANIAX.

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Nestled behind a large roller door in a warehouse, is a 350-person axe throwing paradise. Inside, find an enormous antler chandelier, a chalet-style fireplace, horns, shields, helmets, furs, leather banquettes, and of course, plenty of axes.

MANIAX beckons guests to ‘bury the hatchet’ and unleash their inner Viking for the sake of some cutting-edge competition, in an immersive experience evoking old-world thrills.

Newbies and pros are welcome to partake in private or group sessions. Those with an axe to grind can take part in a tournament-style competition, battling it out with their fellow comrades for the grand title. There are also fully trained “AXE-perts (not sure if that’s a real thing) there to keep everyone in line and safe.

Apart from throwing axes, there is a huge range of local craft beers, wines, soft drinks, and Viking-inspired cocktails. To fuel your swing, try the pizzas or smaller snacks up at the bar. Groups of eight or more can order a banquet and they cater to all dietary requirements.

MANIAX officially opened its doors, so whether you’re looking for a date night, to catch up with friends, or just want to throw an axe for an hour, book here.

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