A ‘Married At First Sight’ Spin-Off is Coming, But it’s Not What You Think

Mick Gould and Jessika Power

Ahh, 2020. The year that brought us bushfires, a global pandemic, a recession, the deaths of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Kobe Bryant, and the world’s longest election. 

Now, because this year is like a monkey that just won’t stop flinging faeces, comes the news that we are also potentially getting a Married at First Sight All Stars spin-off in the next few weeks.

If you’re imagining some sort of twisted, trainwreck of a television orgy where past contestants come back to try their luck with their lovelorn counterparts, I’m sorry to say that 2020 has done you dirty yet again. 

Instead, we can apparently expect a two-part special that will see former participants return for a tell-all of sorts. 

According to The Wash, the spin-off will centre around a big dinner party where the menu will, naturally, consist of drama with a side serving of bitterness and regret. 

It won’t all be doom and gloom though, as a few happy couples that have remained together will also be sprinkled into the mix. 

Expected to be in attendance for the reunion special will be Jules Robinson & Cameron Merchant (S6), Erin Bateman & Bryce Mohr (S2), Martha Kalifatidis & Michael Brunelli (S6), Dean Wells (S5), Tracey Jewel (S5), Jessika Power (S6), Ines Basic (S6), Mike Gunner (S6), Cyrell Paule (S6), Patrick Miller (S5), Charlene Perera (S5) and Cheryl Maitland (S4).

Channel Nine has yet to officially confirm the spin-off but sources say it will be filmed within the next few days and will air just before the next season of MAFS which begins in late January. 

The season eight cast hasn’t officially been confirmed but the personalities expected to walk down the aisle in the pursuit of fame (I mean their twin flames) include singer Booka Nile, radio host Bryce Ruthven, TV host Georgia Fairweather, former AFL player Jake Edwards, F45 trainer Liam Cooper and Instagram fitness model Connie Stedman.

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