Spoiler Alert: We Know What the MAFS Couples Choose to Do During Their Final Vows


WARNING: Below contains spoilers from the Married at First Sight Australia 2021 final vows.

There’s something intriguing about knowing how something will end. In fact, there’s actually a psychology behind spoilers.

Studies at the University of California show that people enjoy something more after they find out what will happen — which is probably why you have landed on this article.

And now that we’ve reached the pinnacle of Married at First Sight Australia, a.k.a the final vows, the need to know who stays together is at its peak.

In honour of this, we’ve decided to give you a sneaky spoiler, courtesy of the So Dramatic podcast.

Beck and Jake

In a surprise twist, both Beck and Jake choose to give their relationship a go on the outside, however, their wedded bliss (?!) was short-lived and are no longer together.

Jason and Alana

According to the podcast, here’s where things get interesting.

During the final vows, Jason chooses to stay however, Alana, chooses to leave. However, upon hearing his vows, she changes her mind.

“Alana actually wrote leave at the final vows. She then heard Jason’s final vows and felt guilty so she changed her mind on the spot,” podcast host Megan Pustetto said.

Unfortunately, Jason and Alana have since parted ways.

Johnny and Kerry

According to So Dramatic, Johnny and Kerry both choose to stay and are still going strong in the outside world.

Liam and Georgia

In another shocking moment, Liam chooses to stay before hearing Georgia’s vows.

“She was basically bagging him out saying that her friends wouldn’t like him, and he doesn’t know how to love. She pointed out all of these negative things… she was basically saying to Liam no one loves you and you don’t know how to love me,” a friend of Georgia’s told Pustetto.

Apparently, Liam was so “shocked”, he changed his mind.

Bryce and Melissa

Bryce and Melissa both choose to stay… no comment needed.

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