Get Your Stalk On — Where to Find All of the MAFS Contestants on Instagram

MAFS Samantha

It’s Married at First Sight time, which means a whole new group of brides and grooms to stalk on Instagram.

While 2021 has brought on a whole new dating landscape than no one could have ever expected, the new and unfamiliar “normal” adds yet another challenge for the newlyweds to approach together.

But with more time spent than ever at home, it means our couples will be bringing the goods (and hopefully the drama) in the social media department.

Luckily for you, we’ve found every single MAFS participant on Instagram and put them all in one place.

Finger at the ‘follow’, here is the full cast of Married at First Sight and their Instagram handles for your viewing pleasure.


Alana Lister

Insta Handle: @alana.lister

MAFS Alana

Beth Moore

Insta Handle: @bettyrawmoore


Booka Nile

Insta Handle: @bookanile

Coco Stedman

Insta Handle: @peaceloveandcoco

Samantha Harvey

Insta Handle: @sjkovu

Joanne Todd

Insta Handle: @jotodd9

Belinda Vickers

Insta Handle: @belindavickers_

MAFS Belinda

Rebecca “Beck” Zemeck

Insta Handle: @beckzemek

Melissa Rawson

Insta Handle: @lissrawson


Brett Helling

Insta Handle: @fatman_scube

Bryce Ruthven

Insta Handle: @bryceruthven

MAFS Bryce

Cameron Dunne

Insta Handle: @cameron_dunne

Jake Edwards

Insta Handle: @jake_edwards_


James Susler

Insta Handle: @jamessusler

MAFS James

Jason Engler

Insta Handle: @jasonengler_

MAFS Jason

Sam Carraro

Insta Handle: @samcarraro7

Patrick Dwyer

Insta Handle: @patrickdwyer_official

Russell Duance

Insta Handle: @rustyduance

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