Pop on a Bold Lip to Raise Much-Needed Funds for Women’s Mental Health Services


Previously, much of the mental health research undertaken has been focused on men, with the findings applied to women later. This means that a number of prevention strategies and mental health programs aren’t properly catered to the needs of women.

What’s more, there is still further research needed in women-specific areas of mental health including post-natal and menopausal-related depression. Enter: Liptember.

Liptember is an annual campaign dedicated to raising awareness and much-needed money for women’s mental health in Australia. And it’s super easy to take part — all you have to do is pop on a little lippy throughout September.

Individuals are encouraged to register online and seek sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues for committing to wear lipstick. While swiping on a little lippy throughout September might not seem like a big deal, can you recall previous times when you’ve received compliments on your lip colour choice?

This is a great way to start a conversation about mental health and encourage others to get involved and do the same. To be a part of the campaign, purchase a Liptember lipstick from any Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist or My Beauty Spot store, register online and rock your lippy through September.

You can register individually or with a team to raise funds together and commit to wearing Liptember lippy for a day, a week or for the whole month of September. Or, if you’d prefer to take part without committing to wearing lipstick, consider making a donation to Liptember via the website.

Funds raised during Liptember will be donated to a number of organisations including the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, Lifeline, Batyr, The Jean Hailes Foundation, The Pretty Foundation and The Magpie Nest Women’s Program.

For more information, or to register, head to the Liptember website.

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