What I’ve Noticed From Conducting Life Coaching Sessions During COVID-19


The world has changed.

Our day today is different, and many of our priorities have shifted.

Over the last few weeks of client sessions, it’s been impossible to jump straight back into where we left off without working through the impact that coronavirus has had on their day to day.

Based on these conversations, I’ve pulled together some of the recurring themes from the last three weeks of sessions.

The urge to throw away progress is strong (don’t do it!)

For so many who feel as though they’ve finally been gaining momentum, this global pause can feel like a slap in the face. Almost as though everything they’ve worked towards was a waste of time and effort. Not so.

When we have put effort into raising our capability and power in career, relationships or anything else, our body and energy field has the capacity to imprint the new level that we are at. This means that when the opportunity creates itself to hit the go button on whatever we’ve started, we’re not starting from scratch.

Takeaway: Your progress up until now is essential. Do whatever you need to do to safeguard your efforts and permit yourself to come back to it in the future.

Emotions are amplified

Right now, the global emotional atmosphere is heightened. As a result, if you’d usually feel a little tired, all of a sudden profound fatigue seems to be setting in.

If you were usually a bit giggly, you might find yourself in fits of hysteria. The same goes for sadness, overwhelm, worry and any other emotion. Because we are all so connected, it can be difficult not to fall into the intensity of it all.

Takeaway: Acknowledge your emotions and remember they won’t always be this intense.

Money mindset and habits are under the spotlight

With so many people have lost the security around their financial income, any negative money mindsets that have been quietly lurking are now out in force. For those that were Accumulators, they are holding their cash even closer than usual. For those that were Stress-Spenders, their online shopping accounts have been run-up.

The good news is that what we can see, we can work on so based on what we’ve noticed about ourselves, there is an opportunity available (when we’re ready) to heal some of our relationship with money.

Takeaway: Notice your go-to money persona and note down anything you would like to heal.

Our weirdness is rising

So many people are finding out quirks about their personalities. The longer people are left to their own devices it’s natural to find out unexpected self-revelation.

I, for example, have always enjoyed doing my best to practice mindfulness and with the change in circumstances, I have turned into a balcony-based-plant-lady.

I’m spending so much time watching my seedlings grow, trimming leaves and watering my sprouts (who knew how quickly they grow!?). I even did a video call to introduce them to my parents a few days ago.

Takeaway: Nurture your personality quirks and use them to bring joy.

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Hibernation has its place

When in doubt, look to nature. Many plants and animals go through a hibernation phase every year, and it’s time to turn to them for inspiration. As daffodils require a freeze and period of dormancy to brightly bloom, we too can power up our energy stores ready for spring. As the squirrels collect nuts, we can collect knowledge. Like the bears, rest, so can we.

Takeaway: Find the pockets of enjoyment in slowing down

Extracting ourselves from our phones is non-negotiable

There’s a principle that says ‘like attracts like’. In life coaching circles this is often used to describe the importance of actively feeling the feelings we want to attract into our life. Which is a great concept and perhaps one you could store for later use, however, right now it’s sort of working in reverse.

The more overwhelmed we’re feeling, the more most of us are subconsciously searching for gloomy input to amplify our feelings. Long term, this is not great for our mental wellness so putting our phones down and turning our TV’s off is an easy first step to help prevent the spread of panic.

Takeaway: When you’re feeling low, break the cycle and reach for positive input.

Learning new ways to sit with ourselves can be tricky (but vital)

Sitting with ourselves has long been one of the most aspirational spiritual practices around. When we can sit contentedly with ourselves, huge shifts have often taken place. It will come as no surprise that to master this skill takes much trial and error. There’s a reason why monks around the world go through training programs to help them develop this ability. We now currently find ourselves right in the middle of our own stillness-training-curriculum. Despite the challenges, the outcome of personal quietude will be worth it.

Takeaway: Be gentle with yourself while learning to sit in your own company.

Tammi Kirkness is a Sydney-based Life Coach who specialises in holistic wellness and anxiety management. She can be found on Instagram at @tammikirkness and via www.visionscopecoaching.com

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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