Is Social Media App Lemon8 the New TikTok?

Lemon8 social media app

If you’ve scrolled on your TikTok ‘For You’ page recently, you’d have heard about new social media app Lemon8. It’s quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps in the US, currently ranking in the top 10 most downloaded apps on Apple’s App Store.

According to its App Store profile, Lemon8 is a content-sharing platform with a youthful community. It’s a “place for young creatives to share a diversity of content from fashion, makeup, food and travel, to homewares, pets and anything else you can imagine”. It describes its content as “beautiful, authentic and diverse” and calls itself “THE destination for sharing and exploring”.

So, what exactly is it? How does it differ from TikTok? And, most importantly, when can us Aussies get access to it? We answer all those questions and more, below.

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What Is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is owned by the same parent company as Tiktok, ByteDance. It’s been around since March 2020 on iOS and Android, and is reported to have previously launched in Thailand and Japan. It only recently became available to download in the US and UK.

It’s been described online as a cross between Instagram and Pinterest, though with shopping functionality. “Social marketing experts say the app is also reminiscent of the Chinese social media and e-commerce giant Xiaohongshu, which translates to ‘little red book’,” writes AP News.

Lemon8 social media app
Image: Lemon8

How Does Lemon8 Work?

Similar to TikTok, Lemon8 has a ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ page. “One of the most eye-catching features of the app is the use of Canva-like graphic design in most posts,” writes Forbes.

“Creators often add text over pictures, either labelling what something is or indicating where to find an item, which tells users where the creator bought their home décor finds. These tags are often accompanied by affiliate links like Amazon storefronts and LTK.”

Users can post videos up to 60 seconds. So far, though, most users appear to just be reposting their TikToks, according to Forbes. The publication also reports that what’s appearing to go viral on Lemon8 is nail inspiration, outfit details, food recipes and workout routines.

“Creators will post a slideshow of nail ideas for any category, like spring-inspired nails and minimalistic nails, and include the name of the products used as text n the picture,” it writes. “They do something similar with fashion posts, highlighting where each piece of the outfit is from.”

Is Lemon8 the Next TikTok?

No, as it appears to be equally about photos, alongside videos. Also, as mentioned, the app is owned by the same parent company as TikTok, which makes it unlikely to be a competitor. It’s also thought to be TikTok’s backup plan if the app is in fact banned or forced to sell in the US.

Lemon8 social media app
Image: Lemon8

What many are talking about, though, is the fact TikTok creators are sharing about Lemon8. “Concerningly, many of their reviews are extremely positive but are not marked as sponsored content,” writes TechCrunch.

The publication notes that some creators are suspicious abut the TikTok community’s sudden interest in the app. TechCrunch itself thinks TikTok creators might’ve been asked to specifically describe Lemon8 as a mix of “Pinterest and Instagram”.

It’s also worth noting that the app’s review on Apple’s App Store are all glowing and five stars. “There are many apps similar to this one but this is by far the best!!,” writes one user. “There are a variety of topics where I can also get some tips on some things I need. I will give it 5 stars!”

Is Lemon8 Available to Download in Australia?  

No, the app is currently not available to download in Australia, but fingers crossed it’ll hit our phones soon so we can secure our usernames.

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