A New IKEA and LEGO Collab Lets You Build Iconic Furniture Without an Allen Key

Calling out to all the LEGO and interior design fans… this one’s for you. IKEA is releasing something new and the best part is, it doesn’t require an allen key. 

Following a successful first collection, IKEA is collaborating with the LEGO group to bring us a set of BYGGLEK furniture, in brick form.

LEGO has been smashing the creative game recently, bringing out sets that evoke nostalgia and touch on historical and emotional moments. LEGO allows you to re-live moments like the NASA space shuttle discovery mission, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Porsche’s vintage 1970s 911 Targa design and now, your funniest, fondest and biggest fallout memories of building IKEA furniture. 

In this second collaboration from IKEA and the LEGO group, the BYGGLEK brick set allows you to make some of IKEA’s most popular furniture pieces, including the KLIPPAN sofa, MALM bed and GRÖNLID armchair. Who doesn’t want a mini IKEA room inside a big IKEA room? 

This set will also include something new: a series of instruction manuals in the iconic IKEA style, which has guided many Australians through the trials and tribulations of constructing a BYGGLEK piece. 


The three instruction manuals are broken down into a step-by-step how-to with the same look and feel as the IKEA assembly guides people have come to know and love around the world. All you have to do is follow the steps – you might need some good luck and a bottle of wine – to recreate some of your favourite pieces.

“This is a great way to continue celebrating the range and allows people to showcase their love for two iconic brands by recreating IKEA furniture pieces out of the brick set”, says Helen Longford, home furnishing leader for Children’s IKEA. 

“We saw a huge demand for BYGGLEK in the first week of its launch in March, and we’re excited that we will be getting more of the range for our customers to purchase soon.

“The purpose of BYGGLEK is to help contain your play without restricting imagination and creativity. You can use the box as part of the story, put away all your pieces out of sight, or proudly display your creations on top.”

The BYGGLEK collection is a storage solution that offers a fun and playful experience within itself. The range is made up of a unique brick set and three storage boxes which feature LEGO studs on the top.

BYGGLEK is currently available in limited quantities across IKEA Australia stores, with more stock to become available by the end of April. To shop for IKEA x LEGO online, go to the website.



BYGGLEK LEGO® brick set 201 mixed colours – $35 

BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid set of 33 white – $20 

BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 26x18x12 white – $20 

BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 35x26x12 white – $22

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