Lavinia and Nick Open Up About Their Time on ‘Hunted Australia’

As we reach the end of Hunted Australia, one thing is for sure, it’s been one hell of a chase. 

As the season progressed, the Hunters quickly crept up to the fugitives, capturing them and ending their time in the competition.

While the consequences of being caught aren’t as terrifying as real life, eliminated fugitives Lavinia and Nick said that by the end of it, it really started to feel that way.

“The second we were in the game, we felt like real fugitives, and it felt like if we got caught, we’d be going to jail,” Lavinia told The Latch. “It didn’t feel like anything other than a real scenario.”

When entering the competition, the pair thought of a brilliant strategy, which helped them evade capture for a long time.

However, after the Hunters blocked their bank card while they were trying to access it, Nick was caught, leaving Lavinia to fend for herself.

“That was definitely my idea of torture. The hours on the bus were so long; I think I went through every single emotion possible,” she admitted.

“It was a lot of survivor’s guilt because I wasn’t able to get off the bus fast enough. Then I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to do this by myself’. 

“I signed up to do this with Nick. I just felt a sense of impending doom, and I accepted my fate at that point.”

Despite the two experiencing paranoia, fear and anxiety while being on the show, they still loved every minute of it.

“This was a chance for us to have no phones, no credit card, no pesky bills, no work for a month. Then we get to go camping, and there was a chance to win $100,000, so it just felt like a really easy choice,” said Nick about why he decided to enter the competition.

“Compared to other reality TV shows and what felt great about it, is that the drama is inherent to the situation.”

After their capture, only two teams of fugitives remain and their fate will be decided tonight, in the grand finale of Hunted Australia.

Stathi and Matt, and Jake and Rob will fight to the very end for the $100,000.

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