This App Will Make Sure That One Mate Never Leaves You With the Bill Again


As fun as group outings, weekends away and holidays can be, they can also be exhausting to organise when it comes to payment. To make it easier for everyone, one person usually cops all the upfront costs with the understanding they’ll be reimbursed by everyone at the end. Inevitably, though, they end up having to do at least some chasing.

A new app is aiming to solve this problem. In fact, the app’s founder Iain Salteri came up with the idea for it after he was left with a $600 tab after lunch with friends who never paid him back. Salteri was chatting with his parents about it when they mentioned they used to have a kitty when they lived in shared houses. Everyone who lived in the shared house would put money into a jar to use for shared house expenses.

Image: KttiPay

Salteri created KttiPay app for iOS and Android. Once downloaded, users can invite their friends to the kitty and then to deposit a certain amount into it. To use the funds during the outing or trip, you’ll use a virtual KttiPay card that’s linked to your Apple Pay or GooglePay. Any unused funds at the end will get redistributed back to those who contributed. The idea is that you’re only spending the money you’ve already put in all together, so no one’s out of pocket or having to chase anyone for repayment.

Salteri sees the app being used for holidays with friends, among housemates, within new relationships and for special events like hens or bucks parties. He also says his app targets “T-rexes”, people whose arms are too short to reach into their wallet to pay their fair share. To use KttiPay, sign up here.

Earn points within the app for anyone you refer to it. One random winner will earn $2,000 to be spent in the app with any friends you refer to it too. The more points you earn, the more chance you’ll have to win. Good luck!

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