Didi’s New Travel Feature Is Designed to Save You Money on Long Distance Fares

DiDi Travel

Ride-share app DiDi has launched new feature DiDi Travel that’ll help you save on long-distance fares. After a successful trial run, as of April 27, the feature’s being rolled out in major Australian cities.

The new feature will be available for trips over 10kms in Sydney and Adelaide, and over 12kms in other major Australian cities. It’s designed to benefit both riders and drivers. Riders will receive a low-cost option for long-distance travel and be able to choose which driver they want to use.

When riders request a DiDi Travel ride, drivers will be able to ‘bid’ on the trip and offer their price, with a starting point base fare set by the app that’s lower than its DiDi Express.

DiDi Travel
Image: DiDi Travel

Drivers will then be able to take into consideration destination information, journey length and fare price. The rider will then get to decide how much they’ll pay based on the bids they get. They’ll also be able to factor in the drivers’ estimated arrival time, star rating and even their car type.

Worth noting, though, is the fact that once the final fare of the DiDi Travel trip is decided on, the rider won’t be able to change the route or destination of their trip.

The service is now available in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. To access it, simply open the DiDi app, enter your destination into the “Where to?” bar and select the “DiDi Travel” option.

DiDi was founded in Beijing, China in 2012 where, backed by influential investors, it grew rapidly, eventually offering private cars, car rentals, buses and chauffeurs, as well as delivery services and even bike-sharing. The app launched in Australia in 2018, with an initial trial in Geelong, Victoria that led to a wider rollout in Melbourne. It’s now available in select cities in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD and ACT.

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