Kristin Fisher to Reopen Eyebrow Salon, and Is “Ready to Fight”


Sydney eyebrow queen Kristin Fisher is set to reopen her salon after pushing back against restrictions set by the Government.

Taking to her Instagram stories on May 4, Fisher questioned why hairdressers were allowed to stay open over the last six weeks, while other beauty salons were shut down.

“I’ve got no problems with hair salons being open!,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

“I’ve been getting my hair done this whole time, and have been practising social distancing whilst doing so. I look bloody great! Thanks to my hairdressers.

“Yet today, the f**king muppets who are running this shit show have said that we are now allowed to travel to clients homes to do their brows, tans, tattoos (um, GROSS) yet we can’t operate in our insanely sterile salon. But it’s okay for hairdressers to do so!”


Fisher raises a good point — how is entering someone else’s home to provide a beauty service safer compared to clients visiting a sterile salon? If hairdressers have been able to maintain hygiene levels and ensure clients are abiding by social distancing rules, then couldn’t other beauty service providers could also do the same?!

“I’m not going to send my staff out to clients homes to do a f**king eyebrow wax,” Fisher wrote on Instagram Stories.

“I’m going to bloody open my salon, which is 220sqm — aka ENORMOUS. And I’m going to start trading again and fight these assholes with everything I’ve got because these rules DON’T MAKE SENSE.”

This restriction also brings into light how subjective this decision is, to close certain beauty services but not others. While being able to access a hairdresser might be important to you (and obviously our decision-makers in the Government), being able to have an eyebrow wax is probably just as important to someone else.

While Fisher herself acknowledges that the restrictions were in place for a reason, she isn’t going to roll with the disparity of the current rules.

“I’m all about flattening the curve,” she wrote on Instagram stories. “But I’m also about fairness and this is just NOT FAIR AND DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.”

Fisher also changed her Instagram bio to read Kristin Fisher Hair Salon. We love you, Kristin.

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