After Selling Out in 36 Hours, Koala Pet Beds Are Back in a Limited Drop

You know a product is good when it sells out in 36 hours. That was the case with Koala’s limited-edition pet bed. Called Furbaby, it was designed to let Australians reclaim their couches and beds overtaken by pets during lockdown and to treat furbabies to their own, equally comfy space.

Research by Koala had found that a whopping 77% of Australians who shared a bed with their pets altered their sleep positions so they didn’t disturb them. In other words, the study found we were sacrificing our own comfort (and well-rested, clear-headed state the next day) for the sake of our pets. Not ideal, really.

“I never used to let [my pet] Kenny sleep in the bed with me, but as he’s gotten older, I’ve gotten softer, and my sleep has definitely suffered,” says Jennifer Philipova, a Koala customer. “We’ve tried so many other dog beds, but he’s developed an affection for my Koala mattress (talk about spoilt, much!). So, I usually switch to the sofa at some point during the night.”

Image: Koala

So, what exactly can you expect from the Furbaby? Well, like everything Koala does, you can expect quality materials and sleek design.

Measuring 89cm x 66cm, it’s got a four-sided bolster design so your pet has somewhere to rest their head as they gaze at you in adoration for making such a fantastic buy. It’s also made with twin-layered foam that allows for pressure relief, airflow and breathability, and, conveniently, comes with a removable cover that, when dirty, can simply be wiped clean or thrown in the wash. And, like all other Koala products, it has a 120-night free trial so you can wait to see how your pet likes it before fully committing to the buy.

Also, we have to add: if you really can’t bear to kick your pet out of your bed, it might be worth considering upgrading to a bigger mattress. Koala has three new mattresses that come in five different sizes, so you can have more space for both you and your pet (and anyone else) to sleep comfortably. Sounds like a dream. Literally.

Koala pet bed
Image: Koala

You can get your hands on a Koala Furbaby here.

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