Cat Mum Turns Kmart Sideboard Into a Hidden Kitty Litter Station

kmart-sideboard hack

To the pet parents out there sick of treading kitty litter crystals throughout the house, this cat mum’s Kmart hack may be just what you need.

Samantha Keen, a member of a hacks and product review Facebook group specifically created for items in the Kmart, Aldi, Big W, Target, Aldi and IKEA collections, shared her hack for hiding unsightly kitty litter stations from guests in her home.

With an easy transformation of the Kmart oak-look sideboard ($39), she and her husband were able to successfully hide all traces of kitty litter and accessories from her interiors, while simultaneously creating a hidey-hole for her feline friend, Ivy.

kmart kitty litter hack
Image: Samantha Keen / Facebook

Keen sourced her Kmart sideboard secondhand on Facebook marketplace. She removed the sideboard’s horizontal shelves from each compartment and recruited her husband to cut a cat-sized passage between the chambers in the interior divider.

The right chamber contains a soft pad for her cat to sleep, plus the pooper scooper tools for the kitty litter. In the left chamber, she placed her cat’s kitty litter tray. The left chamber is has a door on a hinge, meaning the litter is always hidden from sight, and likely protecting her home from odours.

kmart sideboard hack
Image: Samantha Keen / Facebook

Keen’s hack on Facebook has received over 550 reactions and 135 comments, many of which are from other cat owners praising her initiative.

“Ooh, brilliant idea. I might just steal that one!” wrote one excited commenter while another added: “Wow — this is so great. As a person who has five cats, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this — very clever!”

So far, Keen says her handiwork has prevented Ivy from scattering kitty litter crystals all over the floor. To anyone considering transforming a Kmart sideboard in the same way, she says: “Go for it! Sharing is caring”.

kmart sideboard kitty litter
Image: Samantha Keen / Facebook

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